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Treeline reciprocating handpiece with shaft for dremel 4995

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Almost finished with my Vic. and going to something temporarily without ratlines 


I am confused or a little slow. Have been gathering stones, gouges, knives to start carving CSS Hunley and a Maori war canoe and the double hull Hawaiian Holekea. 


Have perused power carvers this website and have been previously advised by members re; carving. stones,chisels.


I have been googling made calls it seems Treeline has a hand piece, and shaft that fits a dremel  at $ 49.95 1. is it any good, 2. foredom and flexcuts do not fit a dremel. without changing the cable that has a key.


All this being said will a hand piece carver be easier to use, or best to go with a used Ryobi dc 500


I know the Ryobi or proxxon is not used for intricate carving but is useful to remove a lot timber quickly.


If I have confused anyone it comes from a confused mind. Am trying to do this on the cheap. :D

John Allen


Current builds HMS Victory-Mamoli

On deck

USS Tecumseh, CSS Hunley scratch build, Double hull Polynesian canoe (Holakea) scratch build



Waka Taua Maori War Canoe, Armed Launch-Panart, Diligence English Revenue Cutter-Marine  Model Co. 


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