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  1. Fantastic pics, hope they saved those ships. Have been watching Russian historical military movies, there pretty good have learned how to keep up with sub-titles many are on Netflix and UTUBETV. Daughter switched to UTUBETV can have up to 6 connecting units computers , iPads etc. I think cost was around $ 50.00 throw away VUE. Lot more options, have no cable, dish or satellite bill, with amazon fire and prime can get anything.
  2. Hank, Really looking good. Do not let the Missus see how much room you have back there, tell her you saw some snakes and not to walk back there. Close to Christmas and she would think "we have downsized Love, would that not be a nice place to store all our yard art for Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. There's enough room there Dear for all the gardening tools, pots, chemicals, and pesticides for my flower garden I want to build. There is so much space you can have that little area in the corner for that modeling thing you do. Thanks Love." Its like a little sniffle that turns into full blown pneumonia overnight.
  3. That's not stooping being cordial and asking politely accomplished nothing, so you can accept or besmirch whatever gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.
  4. Sadly it is what it is and is thievery that takes profits from those legitimate companies, and will not go away. The only way to combat that is to not promote, buy and continue to expose. Sadly there is no legal remedy. Patents are not protected, politicians are of no help, on model pirating look what there doing to stealing of our and all other countries technology. Hell they have implanted moles in our corporations whose sole purpose is theft of trade secrets. Don't forget a person related to uno numero received (I hope this is correct) 1500 patents from the Chinese Government. Off my pedestal🤬
  5. Be creative and post something inflammatory, colorful, and besmirching their lineage and profane then I think they will remove you.
  6. Visit Battery Park, some of the earliest defenses for New York, lot of marine history, observe local color be a kid and ride the sea glass carousel.
  7. Don't ever ever tell Wife "you know you would be killer good looking if you lost a couple of pounds" (30) of pounds.🙈🙉🙊 Never be late for that special dinner Wife cooked and your excuse was a flat tire, she sees your hands are clean, and there is an odor of alcohol about you. TV dinners for a week couch for bed. That single buddy that talked you into having a few at the bar is not your friend.👿👺
  8. Lou, You don't raise a girl, they raise you.
  9. Keith, Still amazed how fast you work and can turn out exquisite hardware, superior deck furniture and righteous planking. That being said I compared your markings for the hundreds of fittings on the deck with the crime statistics for the City of New York's 5 boroughs for the month of August. The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island were color coded according to the different crimes committed against the people of New York. Strange that.
  10. Keith, In a previous life you would have made one hell of an Investigator. I'd be cross-eyed by now, excellent research.
  11. Craig, 1st class on the build. Mobile is one of the cities that build the ships at Austal. They turn the things out on an assembly line not quite as fast as Ford and the model T but pretty quick. Went to a couple of launchings.
  12. Eberhard, I could really get into Trump, minerals, and his deregulation but he would have lost any deal to his good friend Vladimir who was ready to scoop him out of it. As they say this is not the place for these discussions. Keith you really piqued my interest in the kayaks appreciate the pics most looked re-sawn lumber ship wrecks?? Hopefully Eberhard whom I have come to respect as encyclopedic may have some of his research sources he conducted re: kayaks. Could bone have been used in the building? Thanks to both of you for pointing me in a new direction.
  13. Keith, Fantastic photos, it is indeed a beautiful place. I bet that recharged your batteries. Greenlanders are very fortunate Denmark turned down the latest offer of the USA to purchase. Mayhap Denmark could purchase the USA

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