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  1. I have been taking this drug for 6 months, it was prescribed for my arthritic psoriasis and works well. When I saw Trump at a news conference infer this might be the drug piggy backed with a antibiotics may be a cure. I knew this was going to cause a run on the drug. I had one refill left even though I did not need it now I had it refilled. The Pharmacist stated if I had not called it in he may not have been able to fill it with all the prescriptions flooding in (not being political). The drug has serious side effects. I cannot believe pharmacists are filling these prescriptions, I guess they have no choice. Leaders really have to be careful what they say,people are scared and will do anything to obtain a drug that might be good, even thought it hasn't been tested. Giving false hope at this time may cause more people to die.
  2. Kieth, Your metal work is almost supernatural kudos. I read somewhere about human osmosis. From what I read we need to meet do a fist bump and your skills will be transferred to me by human altering osmosis. Bad thing is my ineptitude in certain aspects of modeling may be transferred to you. Good thought bad idea.
  3. Sadly the U.S. started way behind the 8 ball, we have so much conflicting information folks do not know what to believe, (Laurel and Hardy who's on first). Everyone knows the perfect scenario would have been to attack in January with all available data at that time. Armchair quarterbacking serves no purpose and we are stuck with what we have. After all it's a media driven event and we have to sift thru info provided and use common sense in what to and not to believe. Personally I do not believe the 18 month hype their putting out about the virus pinging back and forth for this period of time. God I hope that bit of info is wrong.
  4. I retrieve my mail after wiping the outside of the box with Clorox wipes, I wear latex gloves retrieve the mail and wipe outside of letters with Clorox wipes then wipe the inside of box after taking mail out. Wipes on outside of mail does not affect inside contents.
  5. You did the right thing.
  6. I open and close mail box with a clorox wipe , wipe the outside letters with a wipe. also wear a pair of latex gloves, and wash hands thoroughly back in the house.
  7. Addendum, People need to remember RE: panic buying its not like a weather related natural disaster flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes where your stores, pharmacies, and other support business are destroyed, Tomorrow stores will be open you will be able to buy groceries and what ever else you need, both my wife and I have immune issues but you have to live. Feel sorry for those who cannot look at this as a temporary inconvenience yes one where you have to exercise caution but don't forget to live and the sun will still shine, unless it rains.
  8. Its really sad the I got mine screw you attitude that is so prevalent today. In Wal-Mart 6am, people going crazy swiping armloads of canned goods filling several baskets one family. and elderly couple tried to by a jar of mayo and a jerk snatched it from them. I hollered at him showed him my badge and advised he could be placed under arrest for menacing or give it back and he could move on. (He did) thankfully he didn't look to close it was my retirement shield from 30 years ago. I purchased my bananas an left. Don't these fools realize stores are not going to close. I come from a different time Sybile and I went thru some major Hurricanes house flooded 7 times over a 30 year period, she was a paramedic (after Frederick and the loss of our bridge for 3 years she was in charge of medical control our Island Doctor working in Mobile during the week. My duties with the Alabama Marine Police seem to quadruple plus this was before life-flight all med transports by boat or C.G. Helo Mobile has a training Center. For 3 years no bridge had no permanent power 6 months. The National Guard brought in 2 massive generators. Appliances burned out. In a nutshell and not to be dramatic, Islanders helped each other for 3 years, going to mainland buying groceries for neighbors, pitching in to clean up debris and neighbors property, The first month, 400 residents pooled all their frozen food at the Isle Dauphine Club residents provided generators and gas to run them, and so there was an Island Kitchen to feed residents 3 meals a day no one complained or griped folks shared cleaning and cooking. It got to the point we would have been happy if they had not built the bridge back. Sybile and I were stretched 24/7 neighbors pitched in cleaned our property, pulled our carpet roofed our house etc, we responded in kind when we could. You just did it no one had to ask. Its refreshing to see folks in communities hit by natural disasters do the same thing. But this corno virus thing has turned a lot people into me first you last. Problem is to many apocalypse zombie movies. Alabama has an open carry law a lot of folks openly displaying weapons that they usually would not, not worth being shot over a can of beans. Enough of my babbling just a different time.
  9. My 2 cents. As you can see Alabama has no reported case and its not from eating grits. Its a little scary because it has not been a patient diagnosed. Whether its due to Bamas testing policy which is call your health care provider advise of your symptoms. If a fits the virus fill out a 2 page form that's sent to Montgomery for review. They have final say on testing. Since we have no available kits which I hope is rectified soon we are in limbo. Sybile has gone through 2 rounds of chemo and a cancer patient who has a weak immune system is the most vulnerable. Recently stepped on a small splinter big toe resulted in 5 days hospital almost lost foot was a real eye opener. I am guarding her with a passion. Dangerous times Like Lou's Boss, Wine good she's good, just have to be careful. Sadly the most vulnerable is us old farts that make up most of this site Ya'll take all precautions and be careful. Give me love I left out politics which was very hard for me as you all know.
  10. Lou, You old rascal you have been sandbagging. Thought you were old and senile and made excuses about your abilities or I should say infirmities. First class job on painting the figures Kudos.
  11. Rain, fog, rain, fog 40s to 70s rain, fog, rain, fog, whoa the sun. Rain fog.
  12. Am impressed with what you created, bears no resemblance to a base plastic kit. Wonderful job keep on. I agree on the cheaper acrylics I purchased some real cheapies Wal-Mart 2 ozs they go on great and still look good after a long period of time. I did a half model sailboat and tried their enamels also cheap as dirt, could not believe how well it turned out, never any brush marks either one. I know a lot of these folks poo poo these paints to each their own. Myself being in the empty pocket bracket of society enjoy a deal. Keep posting doing a great job.
  13. Lou, Could be my memory, its sharp as a tack from the 50s to 60s there's a disconnect from the 70s to late 90s memories during that time come in flashbacks ( I'll try to remember a specific and go blank. Can be in a dead sleep a day later than whammy it comes back) present day to day hour to hour is a crap-shoot.
  14. On a bus going to Maxwell Field for my induction physical. This was before the lottery system.
  15. Lou, After sitting on your buns and "I'll get to the Huey" for months you have now turned into a Whirling Dervish of kinetic energy and activity. I need to borrow some of that. Coming along nicely its amazing what memories its dredged up for everybody. John

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