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  1. Lou, Actually it did leave a lasting impression, my memory is excellent for things that happened 40 years ago, it sucks for the last five unless I have a bell ringer I laughed so hard again I pulled a back muscle saved it in favorites so I won't forget. Unless I forget where I saved it. It was good, one of the best.
  2. Real cornbread is made in a round cast iron skillet and can't be square.
  3. AH, Like your approach on tying before cutting "neccesity is the mother of invention" I believe any modler would have the same problem. BlueJacket could amend there instructions to save headaches for future builders. Kudos looking good.
  4. Give the sailor his due and the hell with protocol. He deserves it, it took decades to honor the Tuskegee airmen I might add with one of the best records ever. Yes Miller was perceived as just a lowly black cook or steward, but he represents the thousands of servicemen who went above and beyond let them have a day in the sun. I understand the pecking order of names and ships but it should not be set in concrete. We cannot let politics interfere with our heros
  5. Been indisposed for a couple of days clarify an earlier statement about bad memories. In Mobile as other cities in this country a huge number of homeless are vets with PTSD. My son taught me a lesson a couple of years ago when he bought some fast food for a homeless vet I asked him did he have one of those signs work for food. He said no the guy looked down he asked him after he bought the food his story. He would not say much except he was a vet and the V.A. had stopped his psyche treatments. Was it true don't know except I found out later that here there are not adequate facilities to deal with homeless here which vets are a large number, and they are not provided the treatment they need. As noted in numerous news reports
  6. That was not the one, I did say Conn. I am getting old and not replenishing my endorphins. I had picked up a story where a restored bomber had crashed with crew with no injuries prior to a show. I have searched the internet for hours and cannot find what I thought was the story. At this time taking more fish oil and that jellyfish they advertise to improve brain function.
  7. Popeye, Looking forward to your build, a restored B-17 that was in a traveling air show recently and recently crashed in Connecticut. In fact it would take the public on rides. No one was injured but the plane was destroyed. It was recently at Brookley Field in Mobile I was going to take a flight but due to family health problems had to cancel. Popeye git er dun
  8. Lou, Well the old man finally quit making excuses and got off his buns! Thru our many conversations I thought this was a figment of your Imagna nation. Looking forward to your build I'm sure it will also have a cathartic psyche cleansing of bad memories. As you know I have been under a ton of rocks lately, apologize for not taking a seat from the start. Well lets get to it. Thank you for your service it was a bad time. Your partner in crime.
  9. Keith Wow, perfection at its best. When I grow up I want to be just like you!
  10. Wife always misplaces my tools was looking for a screwdriver I needed, was aggravated had looked all over house. I tracked her down and accused her of not putting my tools back and advised I was tired of searching for tools she misplaced. She stated laughing and said fool have you looked in your hand. What's so sad about this its a true story, gave her one more excuse to put me in a home.
  11. Fantastic pics, hope they saved those ships. Have been watching Russian historical military movies, there pretty good have learned how to keep up with sub-titles many are on Netflix and UTUBETV. Daughter switched to UTUBETV can have up to 6 connecting units computers , iPads etc. I think cost was around $ 50.00 throw away VUE. Lot more options, have no cable, dish or satellite bill, with amazon fire and prime can get anything.
  12. Hank, Really looking good. Do not let the Missus see how much room you have back there, tell her you saw some snakes and not to walk back there. Close to Christmas and she would think "we have downsized Love, would that not be a nice place to store all our yard art for Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. There's enough room there Dear for all the gardening tools, pots, chemicals, and pesticides for my flower garden I want to build. There is so much space you can have that little area in the corner for that modeling thing you do. Thanks Love." Its like a little sniffle that turns into full blown pneumonia overnight.

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