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  1. Lou, You don't raise a girl, they raise you.
  2. Keith, Still amazed how fast you work and can turn out exquisite hardware, superior deck furniture and righteous planking. That being said I compared your markings for the hundreds of fittings on the deck with the crime statistics for the City of New York's 5 boroughs for the month of August. The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island were color coded according to the different crimes committed against the people of New York. Strange that.
  3. Keith, In a previous life you would have made one hell of an Investigator. I'd be cross-eyed by now, excellent research.
  4. Craig, 1st class on the build. Mobile is one of the cities that build the ships at Austal. They turn the things out on an assembly line not quite as fast as Ford and the model T but pretty quick. Went to a couple of launchings.
  5. Eberhard, I could really get into Trump, minerals, and his deregulation but he would have lost any deal to his good friend Vladimir who was ready to scoop him out of it. As they say this is not the place for these discussions. Keith you really piqued my interest in the kayaks appreciate the pics most looked re-sawn lumber ship wrecks?? Hopefully Eberhard whom I have come to respect as encyclopedic may have some of his research sources he conducted re: kayaks. Could bone have been used in the building? Thanks to both of you for pointing me in a new direction.
  6. Keith, Fantastic photos, it is indeed a beautiful place. I bet that recharged your batteries. Greenlanders are very fortunate Denmark turned down the latest offer of the USA to purchase. Mayhap Denmark could purchase the USA
  7. CD, Let us know if you can acclimate yourself to the cold I doubt it your too old. You'll be missing the humidity and skeeters. When I was a kid I remember having to climb out a back window to shovel snowdrift from the front door, always felt sorry for my father having to put chains on the tires early AM, one day I got up before he did put water on the stove to heat up went out to the car and poured it on the windshield created a beautiful spider web Spiderman would have been proud of. I paid for that dearly
  8. Lou, Missing your opportunity purchase one of those portable mega horns stand by the front door, jogging shoes on, the best cane you have, and when they are about to give a verdict give one long blast then hobble out as fast as you can with luck you can make it to the car if not its been a good life.
  9. Popeye, We have the twin in Mobile Bay sans dormers. When a teenager we motor out and play around the light there was access via a cast iron ladder, we climb up and jump off into the bay. They finally stopped access folks were doing the graffiti thing. It is now protected and has ongoing maintenance. Its extremely close to Mobile Ship Channel surprised it hasn't been knocked over by a shallow draft ship or barges running light.
  10. I assume preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
  11. Tell her the beans of for the ships crew, but be careful Admirals like their candles if you lift make sure its a cheapy she won't miss. Made a mistake and took a funny colored candle to begin with, very, very bad was an expensive one she specially ordered to go with her rare Jamestown candlestick. You would have thought she caught me cheating with another woman, that tongue lashing lasted 3 days. I'd been better off caught with another woman.
  12. Vaddoc, Now that's a winner, a link how that was done?
  13. YT, Here are the pics Soup cans graduated sizes up to a large 32 ounce can for very large builds. Tea candles or cheap storm candles can be cut to size to fit in can and a clamp Exert pressure left index finger while putting pressure with right fingers on plank end Had soaked this strip for 2 mins. bent strip in less than 30 seconds, with practice you can bend 3 to 4 at a time, can will get hot and burn users fingertips if not careful only took once for me. Lot of folks poo pooed this procedure but it works and works fast can also get an angular bend when planking towards the stern, takes a little practice. Its not pretty as a store bought but it do work as they say out in the woods. So if the shoe fits wear it.

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