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  1. Frank, For a small city its a nice place to live. Would like to trade weather give you humidity and I'll take the dry heat.
  2. Jo, This is your build, example I personally do not like the copper plates on a new build I think its (gauche) new word for the day and I am in the minority with that opinion. All advice on this site is well meant when it comes to laying on some paint do what YOU feel is best and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling every time you look at it. Whether it be natural, historically correct, or your combination of color that may include polka dots.
  3. Frank, Your methodology in tackling the chain plates and shrouds was A#1. We have another museum piece on the ways. Kudos
  4. Patrick, Closed as of January 2019. Time to go Boss and I entered our 70s. You also have to know when to fold them. Industry changed dramatically, now its time to enjoy. I was always in the field, the Boss dealt with marketing, bookkeeping, taxes all fed filings employee withholdings etc. she was the business I was the step and fetch it. She just filed our last returns went outside and screamed for 15 minutes. It was good to us, I had stated in an earlier post my retirement was to be a shop on the beach, hurricane took it and away blew it away after 3 years. One thing I learned when 1 door closes another one opens. Look at Chuck he keeps fighting and is successful for that reason and he has had to fight the Hobgoblins of thieves. As usual enough of my drivel, wish you Luck and good fortune with your business
  5. Actually yesterday son in law and daughter took the boss and I on a field trip, first a dinner at a great seafood restaurant blackened scallops and shrimp A1 and a first class gumbo. Traveled to the Gengas Khan Exhibit at the exploreum. It was so so expected more. Then the City of Mobile Museum, small but very well done. A great job of displays from Mound Builders thru the Spanish, French, English, time periods. Excellent displays and artifacts. I passed on the Mardi Gras displays' King and Queens gowns thru the years the boss loved them. I keep trying to tell her Mardi Gras is for kids to see the parades. The parade societies are for the rich to throw beads and other throws to the poor. Its quite a spectacle to see adults groveling on there hands and knees fighting for 50 cent trinkets (admission) was not too many years ago we were a pair of grovelers. It was a nice day but next time I suggested we eat after and not before. Too much extra weight for an old man like me to carry around.
  6. Patrick, Cash flow is everything, the omnipresent albatross of a small business. After I retired wife and I had an investigation firm that exploded, numerous employees in 4 states with all the headaches of different state laws, taxes, licensing, long laundry list. When it got to where we were not running it but it was running us after 16 years we scaled way back to our home state only and just 3 employees. Actually made more profit less hassle. I get long winded a small business is supposed to be profitable always pay your self first. If not it turns into a headache, wish you all the luck in the world. john
  7. G, In this case beauty is in the eyes of the builder, if natural gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling go with it. Well done so far.
  8. Jo, Suggestion noting Mamoli instructions, do read twice always check ahead. You may find (example) on page 5 an assembly that should have been done on page 2. I took a lot of Excedrin on HMS Victory. Take your time as others have said, lot of help here. The old saying too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup its the exact opposite here too many cooks result in a better build. John
  9. Mark, A lowbrow like myself enjoyed the very informative brief intro. Will not surrender my seat on this one.
  10. Freek, Caught up, Kudos on a building an uncommon historical vessel. That's what is nice about this site, as Forest Gump stated "life is like a box of chocolates you never know what the next one is" This is beyond interesting you picked a goodie sticking to the end.
  11. Like your finished build real upgrade, also the display stand nautical, simple, perfectly understated and a true compliment to the build. Something a little different very nice KUDOS
  12. as they once said of Jackie Gleason I bow to the great one. (probably just 10% of folks here know who he was)
  13. Steven, Maximum effort has produced maximum results. On a scale 1-10 a 12 Kudos
  14. Most attorneys I know (quite a few) that have rental property are slum lords. Hope your bill emptied his pockets
  15. last 5 days light rain fog, light rain fog, overcast light rain fog, overcast light rain fog. Thought I was on the pacific coast. Lo and behold a light norther blew threw previous evening I am looking at a blue sky and I think the yellow orb is the sun

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