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  1. Nils, It's amazing what you can do (keyword you) with a few sticks, glue and brass. Have always been awestruck by your builds. What we have hear is another beauty. Your lapstraking is awesome. KUDOS
  2. Eberhard, Question what are the advantages of plexiglass instead of wood. I like the idea and it seems it may be more forgiving and easier to work with. Educate me on plexiglass for dummies. Thanks
  3. It looks like the real McCoy, but I do not see a keyway. I admit I can't verify when they started using those to snug up a wheel.?? It does look good
  4. Down here all newcomers are damn yankees, when they move there good yankees if they stay and learn to say yes maam and no maam, yes sir and no sir and the byword Y'ALL. they be the adopted sons and daughters of the south. You have to be gracious when in a diner and your called honey and sweetie, and Y'ALL come back now ya heeer.
  5. If the shoo fits war it. Brits speak English We speak American and still cannot understand each other. (Brad Pitt movie Fury this is an American tank we don't speak Mexican we speak American). Worked a small town in Alabama Smut Eye asked a local how it got its name kidding around I asked did something dirty happen here a long time ago. Well Par for the course should have been more diplomatic, he became defensive and said it was pronounced (Smoot Eye) and he was tired of folks making it sound like it was nasty. Stupid me I suggested change the spelling and he said if we did that they wouldn't know they were in Smut Eye. There was 1 four way stop with a closed service station with a sign painted on the roof Welcome to SMUT EYE.
  6. Lou, Thanks Unfortunately 75th is Diamond started putting change in my piggy bank, lot of change.
  7. Well we celebrated our 50th yesterday 50th hard to believe. Spent the day Sybile with her wine I relented and had a Crown rocks a big one. Actually spent the day reminiscing from the first date the good bad ugly all the foibles (very little bad, ugly lot good) Its amazing what the little things you forget. We have had a very exceptional life and done things (that people would not believe if we swore on a stack of bibles) that would fill 10 lifetimes. Son and daughter we are proud of never had to go to a police station (1 exception my daughter was 16 trying to warn her boyfriend the police were looking for him stealing a street sign in the process she was speeding and ran the police chief who was in his personal car into a ditch) had to report to the P.D. 4 weekends and wash cruisers) not naïve there is a whole bunch we never knew about until years later. Son in Law sent sent us a couple gift cards for Ruths Chris used one last evening very enjoyable excellent service and dinner nice atmosphere especially no babies and quiet have 2 left he's a#1. Man 50th god granted me a good life with a wonderful woman more to come.
  8. Johnnie be good by the man Chuck Berry
  9. Brother can you spare a dime-Hellencamp
  10. Wayne, I belong to the crippled crew too, all good advice. 1. Do your research 2. There are bad Surgeons, Orthopedists, and Chiropractors, due diligence check references, check internet postings on their backgrounds. The information is out there. 3. A cage as a last resort (fusion of the disks). 4. Hopefully it may be sciatica pinched nerve that can be taken care of easily. I had an Orthopedist botch a procedure and did the wrong disk and wanted to due other surgeries. there were other alternatives. Acupuncture helped my sciatica Laser surgery where they remove dead tissue from the disk is the best thing to come along in years have had 3. Quick and outpatient surgery. Due diligence references 2nd and maybe 3rd opinions investigate it is your right and ask questions a lot of questions. Good Luck John
  11. Lest we forget, great pictures. The horrors and atrocities of WWII cannot be forgotten we have despots right now preaching nationalism worldwide even in this country. Don't say it can't happen again. Look what the little corporal with the funny mustache did in Germany. Should be a required course in school. Again Vega great pictures Tom Brokaw called them the greatest generation. Thanks to all who served in all conflicts to protect this country, our freedom and defend our Constitution.
  12. Lawrence, Boss has stage 4 breast cancer was a bleak prognosis, 2 chemos and 2nd radiation ongoing she has lit a candle for your son and says to tell him attitude, exercise, diet. After 3 years of this battle and experimental drugs the outlook has changed from terminal to manageable. Our prayers for his battle the candle will light his way to recovery best wishes.
  13. Mike, Get on the mend, change lifestyle, diet right foods and exercise I am sure your hospital and insurance pays for cardiac re-hab don't ignore the rehab. Had a quintuple in 2003 and 3 stents shortly thereafter. Now 71 aok Did what Dr. ordered lived at the foot of the cross on the diet and exercise, even with a crippled back can do beneficial workouts. Hang in there you'll do just fine

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