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  1. Keith, Been out of the loop for sometime, caught up on your masterpiece. I appreciate your inquiring mind and always needing to know. Building backwards to go forward very cool.
  2. Everybody retract their claws, the sun is shining birds are singing and we all woke up on this side of the dirt.
  3. Me thinks one who chooses to post cornbread made round in a square tray is destined for greatness as a facilitator. What better way to take a position of baking round or square cornbread. Now all can get a jar of sorghum syrup and slather over the cornbread.
  4. Rob S, Don't worry about the bumps in the planking tiles even though there extremely thin they will take a lot of sanding, also you will probably have half the bag left over so don't be chincy if you break one or sand too much you will have plenty left. Also late to your log always read ahead with Mamoli instructions you'll find on page 6 you should have added to page 2 (example). Looks Good John Allen
  5. Hot summertime sampling Mobile bay for fish stocks late 60s 17' whaler 4 of us bag lunches due to heat mostly Vienna sausages and crackers. Had a coworker would mix a can of Sweet Sue tripe, hot sauce and Vienna's. As soon as he cracked the can on the Tripe the noxious odors escaped and would gag a maggot at 50 yards. From then on would swap that detail with another employee. Always cost me more well worth it. Gagging now as the nostalgic aroma comes forth from my imbedded memories. Bon Appetite'
  6. LOU, Looking good, light at the end of the tunnel. By the way thanks for the life check instead of a knock on a neighbors door a phone call. No answer check obits, answer still kicking unless you get a recording then go back to the obits. Ain't technology grand. Get the Huey done.
  7. Been a long road, flags are the cherry on the cake. Kudos on a wonderful build. I couldn't put my little buddy next to any of my builds, he's a canine chain saw turn your back and you have toothpicks. Looking forward to more pics.
  8. Am impressed, one of the best in awhile. Attention to details excellent Kudos on a masterful build. If you made her a little bigger could have added cotton bales, cattle and Minstrels playing at the dock that would have been a real hair puller, all kidding aside 1st class build.
  9. I have been taking this drug for 6 months, it was prescribed for my arthritic psoriasis and works well. When I saw Trump at a news conference infer this might be the drug piggy backed with a antibiotics may be a cure. I knew this was going to cause a run on the drug. I had one refill left even though I did not need it now I had it refilled. The Pharmacist stated if I had not called it in he may not have been able to fill it with all the prescriptions flooding in (not being political). The drug has serious side effects. I cannot believe pharmacists are filling these prescriptions, I guess they have no choice. Leaders really have to be careful what they say,people are scared and will do anything to obtain a drug that might be good, even thought it hasn't been tested. Giving false hope at this time may cause more people to die.
  10. Kieth, Your metal work is almost supernatural kudos. I read somewhere about human osmosis. From what I read we need to meet do a fist bump and your skills will be transferred to me by human altering osmosis. Bad thing is my ineptitude in certain aspects of modeling may be transferred to you. Good thought bad idea.
  11. Sadly the U.S. started way behind the 8 ball, we have so much conflicting information folks do not know what to believe, (Laurel and Hardy who's on first). Everyone knows the perfect scenario would have been to attack in January with all available data at that time. Armchair quarterbacking serves no purpose and we are stuck with what we have. After all it's a media driven event and we have to sift thru info provided and use common sense in what to and not to believe. Personally I do not believe the 18 month hype their putting out about the virus pinging back and forth for this period of time. God I hope that bit of info is wrong.
  12. I retrieve my mail after wiping the outside of the box with Clorox wipes, I wear latex gloves retrieve the mail and wipe outside of letters with Clorox wipes then wipe the inside of box after taking mail out. Wipes on outside of mail does not affect inside contents.
  13. You did the right thing.

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