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The drum-type grinding machin

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To creation of this rig I was jogged by requirement for manufacturing (gauging) of laths and plate plainly-parallel sides for various details with accuracy of 0,05-0,1 mm on a thickness. The range of thickness of laths and preparations, and also ready flat details makes from 0,5 to 25-30 mm. I have applied for the first time the given machine tool to polishing of preparations of details of fodder gallery Montanes.

In the beginning there was an idea to use for these purposes the scribing block, for example DH 40 PROXXON, but after the detailed analysis of possibilities and results of application of various scribing blocks I preferred other production engineering. Plancks or preparations are cut on jig save with the free tolerance (0,5-1 mm) that it is easy to make practically on any applied modeller jig save, and then calibrated on the grinding machine with necessary accuracy. This production engineering provides the big accuracy, than machining of laths on the scribing block, especially for thickness of 1-3 mm. 

At designing of the grinding machine I used the materials published on various sites, and also experience of the Polish colleagues on manufacturing and application of similar grinding machines:

The general circuit design of a grinding part of the rig simple enough (see also the reference) and does not demand additional explanatories.


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