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Planking the Amati Vanguard Hull

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Maybe it is just me, but I am confused and looking for some help. I am at the beginning stages of planking the hull on the Amati Vanguard model. I have pinned down the top deck and am ready to glue on the gun port patterns. My question is...the gun port patterns are 1mm thick. The instructions call for starting the first planking using the 1.5mm thick Basswood starting BENEATH the gun port patterns. That means that after the first planking, the area of the gun port patterns will be 1mm thick. The area below the patterns will be 1.5mm thick. The second planking is .5mm thick walnut.


Doesn't that mean that the finished hull will be 1.5mm thick in the gun port area (1mm + .5mm), and 2mm thick (1.5mm + .5mm) below the gun port patterns? Isn't this a problem?


I have not previously planked a ship with gun port patterns like the Vanguard. I can see why it could save a lot of time not having to plank the significant area that the gun port patterns cover for the first layer of planks, but this difference in thickness is playing with my mind!


I am closely following the three build logs for the Vanguard on this site (aew, Glenn, and RMC) and none of them comment on this thickness issue, so maybe I am over thinking it and everything will come out OK...but at 72 years old and perhaps my last build, I want to get this one right.


Any help in understanding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply. I looked at it again last night, and I decided that sanding was probably the right answer. There doesn't seem to be as much difference as I thought there would be, perhaps because the planking starts on the outside curve, so it seems to reduce the difference in thickness where the gun port pattern meets the planks.


Since you, Glenn, and RMC didn't comment on your build logs about this difference, I decided I was probably over thinking the issue and I would correct the difference with the final shaping of the hull.


Thanks again for your help...really appreciated.

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