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Mississippi sternwheeler

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Ok,  I realize that the OcCre Spirit of the Mississippi is a fictional rendition of a Mississippi Sternwheeler, so my question is more obstract than aimed at that specific ship.


The question is when did such riverboats start to ply the Mississippi, and when did they first become floating casinos?


The model depicts a full gaming facility, in nice detail, BUT, the flag it flies is a US flag with only 20 stars.


That would indicate the year 1818, as the 20 star flag was only used for that one, year (Ok, from Dec 10, 1817).


I didn't think steam riverboats had reached the level of luxury and function of the model depicted as the Spirit of the Mississippi, as early as 1818.  I would have put this boat more into the mid to late 1800's rather than that early.


Anybody have any idea's?



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While the first steamboats arrived around 1811, the more opulent passenger types were several years behind, with the Natchez I probably the first classic boat arriving around 1823.  Most of the prior ones didn't have the same look as the model you are looking at building.


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Thanks for the answer


I would agree...... My best assesment puts the Spirit in the era with the Natchez 3, whict was in use from 1848 to 52.


I came to that view based upon the length of the Natchez 3, as well as what I could determine as to it's degree of advancement.


I think I need a 30 star flag, rather than a 20!!!


Ironically, most, if not all of the Natchez series of boats were built within 25 miles of where I live. They were built in Cincinnati.



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