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Hello. Everyone

I am not new to model boat building as I have built a deans marine model container ship. However, I am new to building a boat from scratch. I have downloaded the plans for a Russia cargo ship. After several issues I completed the scale drawings and had them printed in 1/100 scale. The model will be 82" by 12.5.


My main question is what thickness and type of wood should I use for the framing. Is there a way to get a nice smooth finish on the outside of the hull without using fiberglass?


Thank everyone

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At almost seven feet long you will need something strong.  I would probably use a 1X4 or good quality 1/2" plywood for the main beam down the keel.  As for the outside finish, lots of sanding and paint will give a smooth make it smooth but if you plan to put it in the water as an RC boat you will need to fiberglass it. 



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