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Paint colors for the Red Dragon


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I'm starting the Red Dragon build while I finish the rigging on my Fair American, and I'm trying to find out what the three colors are in the paint set for the Red Dragon.


I've looked and googled several times and for the most part all I find is the mention of the "Paint Set (3 Colors)" and not what the colors are.


Any one know what these three colors are? I assume one is Red, and then maybe Black but I'm not sure.


Just trying to figure out what they recomend for colors, as the pictures in my instructions are black and white, and the only color picture I have is what is on the box.

I'm not sure that what they recomend is what I want to use, but just wondering why the big secret. :rolleyes:




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I think they may have made the third one a sealer non paint.  I have noticed this with kit suggestions.  Like, it will be black, red, and floquil glaze.  The only color I would guess for the Red Dragon would be green.



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