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Mantua 1/23 Battle Station

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Greetings all,


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this , but it is perhaps appropriate. I have recently scored a Mantua 1/23 Battle Station on EBay for a reasonable price. My younger brother had one of these kits back in the 80's, but he never finished it and  it was mislaid when he moved out of our parents house to get married. I have always wanted to build one since then but haven't been able to find one at the right price!. I'm not a beginner to this hobby, but I wanted a rest from planking and it's problems. I'm sure I have seen some build logs for this kit but I can't find them. If there are any, could some one point me in the right direction. I intend to start a build log of my own for this project so that I can get help with any problems I encounter. I understand that Santa may be leaving me a USS Constitution plastic kit, some I'm going to be busy during the winter. Just as well as the winters here in Spokane can get pretty cold & snowy, but not so far, thankfully!.    

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As an update to my last posting I've found out that this kit is also now put out by Panart under the description " 1/23 scale Gun Deck" and that there is a very useful build log or kit making blog to be found here http://www.ianlawrencemodels.com/gundeckwip.html in case anyone else is also going to make this kit. Mine is in the mail so I can't start my build log just yet!

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