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  1. Greetings Jack Dusty and a welcome from an ex" wafu".
  2. Greetings Dean from MIKE in Milton Keynes. Once upon a time I serviced aircraft on the old Grey Funnel Line.
  3. Greetings Phil from Mike in Milton Keynes.
  4. I love mine so much that I want a second that always cross cuts and the other is the ripper!
  5. Hello Frosty, welcome! Where in the Uk are you? Best wishes, Mike in MK.
  6. Retired mine some time back. it is now fitted with a blade suitable for metal, rough cutting at that, and lives under my bench waiting for the rare occasions that I cut metal. I fell foul of the buying cheap and regretting it. lesson learned. I now have a Byrnes. Mike.
  7. Excellent video and a superb vessel. Thanks for the heads up. Mike.
  8. Greetings Richard, good luck with your build. Mike in MK.
  9. Greetings John, Welcome. I knew a girl once in Harrogate but that now seems so long ago! Mike.
  10. All sorted now. Jim Byrnes has kindly offered to send me a spacer with my current order. My TC blade inventory is now complete. My new spacer will allow me to use HSS slitting blades from Chronos, thanks Keith, when I need to. Once again thanks for all the input. End of thread.. Mike.
  11. Thank you Mark but it was the finding rather than the searching that was giving me trouble! Thank you Keith. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned carbide tips and I have just ordered from Jim Byrnes. I was trying to avoid this due to the postage costs but I gave in rather than waste anymore time. The slitting blade info that you sent will be very useful in the future and I thank you for it. I do not have a lathe but will search for the appropriate reducing washer at some point. Many thanks to one and all who responded to my request. Best wishes, Mike.
  12. Thank you Thistle. I could buy direct from Jim Byrnes but I am trying to source blades either here in the UK or in Europe in general. I appreciate your input though. Mike.
  13. Can any UK member tell me where to buy suitable blades for my Jim saw on this side of the pond? I have had no luck so far in my searches on line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My thanks in anticipation, Mike.
  14. Greetings Jim from another ex FAA. Virtually the same years as you. Hermes with 803 and Eagle with 800B. welcome to this excellent forum. Mike.
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