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US Brig Niagara


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Hi everyone.  I am new to ship modeling.  I have done some plastic age of sail and this is my first all wood model.  I find the Model Shipways instruction to be a little lacking.  Model Expo has lost their technical guy and has not replaced him.  I was directed to your site for help.


Specifically, I have the mounting board and brass pedestals.  My question is diameter of the pilot through the board - should it be such that the mounting screw bites into the mounting board and the keel or should the mounting screw pass easily through the mounting board and only be secured to the keel.


Thanks from the novice D Bash

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If it were me I would make the hole in the mounting board just big enough for the screw to pass through and then have it 'bite' into the ship, pulling the ship tight.

That said - I am also new at ship modeling also so you might want to look for some other answers from more knowledgeable modelers here.

As for building the Niagara I would highly recommend following the build log of 'greatgalleons' at this link.  He is an excellent builder with many pictures to help us out.


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