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BluenoseII rigging question

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I'm new to modelship building, and have a (likely dumb) question regarding rigging the sails.


I have just finished the shrouds and ratlines on the two masts. The next part are the stays. Are there separate stays to hold the mast in position and separate stays for the sails, or do the 'sail stays' double as 'mast stays'?



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The stays are part of the standing rigging of the masts. Some stays also support sails. This is best seen on the jibs. If you are modelling the sails set, you may want to plan ahead. I had to loosen my fore stays to attach the jibs since I stitched the hanks to the saila.


Dave B

Current build: HMS Pegasus, English Pinnace (on hold)

Completed build: MS BluenoseSkippercraft

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