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Rigging and sails

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Please can you advise me,as new modeller in what sequence should the masts,rigging and sails be fitted.I am building the

Billings Boats Bluenose 2 600 in kit form,and I have completed the hull.

Does anyone know of a book on the subject available in the UK

Altho the instruction book shows detail of the foremast and some rigging,it gives no further instructions.

I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to proceed.

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Teddyedward - Welcome aboard!


The most effective way to get advice and suggestions is via a build log.  See the post here http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/53-before-you-post-your-build-log-please-read-this-starting-and-naming-your-build-log/?p=210 for information on setting up your build log.


in terms of resources, there are many build logs for the Bluenose 2 here on MSW.  You can glean a great deal of useful information from them.  The order of rigging - opinions vary.  Many experienced builders suggest doing as much of the pre-rigging as you can prior to installing on the model.  Others strongly encourage doing it all on the model.  Adding sails introduces a level of complexity i haven't dealt with yet, but I suspect they would be among the last pieces added since many of the blocks etc. need to be installed before they are hidden by a sail.


One book that may prove useful for you is The American Fishing Schooners, 1825-1935 by Howard Chapelle.  In addition, there is a very good practicum for building a POF scratch built Bluenose available here http://modelshipbuilder.com/e107_images/custom/msbimages/eisnor/bn-1-4/Bluenose%20Practicum%20Standard.pdf (the section on masts, spars and rigging may be of use to you).


One additional resource which you may find useful is here - http://www.modelboatyard.com/bluenose2_articles.html


Good luck - looking forward to following along!

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Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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