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Mantua Albatross - mast rings question

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Hi - beginner/intermediate modeler returning to building the Mantua Albatros Baltimore Clipper (1:40) scale after a long hiatus...   the photos of the ship on the box show some wire wrapped around the mast - appears to be in a spiral - the plans show what appear to be mast hoops up the mast - but the instructions are silent on this.  Is this really just brass wire wrapped in a spiral around the mast to simulate mast hoops?  Any help you can provide would be deeply appreciated.


Photos of the mast and wire are below.




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From the photos, it does indeed look like the builder wrapped the mast with a continuous length of wire.  That doesn't mean you have to do it that way.  Individual mast hoops is probably the better way to go.  In my opinion in the absence of sails, the mast hoops should be stacked at the bottom of the mast, not magically suspended at equal spacing along the mast.



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Probably too late for you, but in the instructions (assembling the rudder, 2nd paragraph) is an comment about making wooldings for the mast. Check out wooldings on Google. I did the spiral, then hoops and finally found out about wooldings. Now if I can only find out placement of the shrouds, plans do not show clearly.Good luck, I'm finishing up two of these models.

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