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  1. It is surprising how much the deck detail pops after finishing. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself and that your nibbing job looks very nice. The two sides definitely line up better than mine. Stern hawse pipe? I don't think I have included that detail. Like Per, my kit didn't include a part for it. It may be too late for me. Bob
  2. Yes, Ron, Legos work very well as squaring blocks. When my granddaughter grew out of her Duplos and got into the "adult-sized" bricks, I snagged a bunch of them for the workshop! Bob
  3. John, I used Minwax Wipe-on Poly to seal the deck about 10 years ago. It has maintained the wood color since then. If that is the look you are going for, I can recommend it. Interesting choice on not darkening the edges of the nibbing planks - if I'd been thinking clearly at the time I might have done the same. Bob
  4. Looking good, Per. I lean toward the blackened pins as well. Interesting, in my vintage of the kit, the provided pins were the white metal variety, and I just stuck them in the rail as is. I didn't go back through your entire log to see if the brass pins were supplied or aftermarket, but I did notice a difference in our box art. Mine is old enough to be labeled "Canadian Fishing Schooner" while yours is "Bluenose". Bob
  5. That is a very nice looking hull - time with the airbrush is sure paying off! Bob
  6. Nice job on this assembly. I recall gluing a piece of paper to the underside to help it hold together. As it was all being painted, it is hardly noticeable. Thanks for detailing your experience so well! Bob
  7. For me, I am not seeing the photos in your posts, just a big blank space. This started with this latest group of posts. Bob
  8. The cove looks pretty evident to me in the longer range photo, John. I agree that keeping it nice and crisp during finishing will be challenging. But then I wimped out and just painted a yellow stripe! Bob
  9. John - like you, Bluenose was my first planking job and the filler was needed to hide my mess . About the walnut veneer - I found other uses for it, mostly in covering the roof of deck structures, and also as a filler for a couple of the bulkheads that were just a tad too thin on their own. Bob
  10. Very nice start, John. That will give you a great basis to work from. I used decals for the Bluenose name at the head, still haven't figured a way to do the stern lettering yet. I did the scrollwork by hand. You can find the details in the summary log I posted (link in my signature). Looking forward to watching your build develop. Bob
  11. Nice finish to a beautiful model, David. I like that you rigged the gaffs in the lowered position, consistent with no sails bent on them. Very nice details all around. Bob
  12. Per - do you really Moon us??? Nice image. On the bars, did you consider trying to file slots in the underside of the frame? I know they would be tiny, but if it could be done, that might provide a little more purchase to hold the bars in place. BTW, I am no expert on the skylight windows - all I did was paint some black squares on the solid white box to simulate windows, pretty cheesy. Bob
  13. Welcome to the Bluenose crew, Ed. It looks like you are off to a solid start and making sensible choices as you get into it. Ah, that aft end of the former - I snapped it off and repaired it at least twice. It is just a finicky thing to deal with. I am looking forward to watching your progress on a beautiful ship! Bob
  14. Per, if I may. I suspect John is referring to the tops of the bulkheads that become some of the deck stanchions. My recollection is that the kit-provided bulkheads were thicker than the stanchion dimension, and that is the reason for thinning the top of the bulkhead above where the decking is laid, to make those tops the same thickness as the stanchions. For my build (many years back) I simply cut off all the bulkhead extensions and installed new stanchions above the deck from end to end. If I'm wrong, John will post a reference to the post he is talking about, and we
  15. I am just catching up on this build and enjoying very much. I will be following along. Thanks for the link to the Gene Bodnar practicum, I had seen it a few years ago, but lost track of it over time as I have been away from my Bluenose build for a few years. Great start and I am looking forward to following your progress! Bob
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