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Solidworks framing help (please)

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So I've drawn my stations, utilized the solidworks thin lofting feature to create the shell of the hull, completed fairing the shell.




Now I want to add a varied thickness to the loft feature to simulate the frame moulded dimensions


At midships these dimensions are:

21" cut down line (height of the floor timber over the keel)

12-3/4" at the heel of the 1st futtock/head of the cross chock

12-1/4" at the heel of the 2nd futtock/ head of the floor timber

11-5/6" at the head of the 1st futtock / heel of the 3rd futtock

11-1/2" at the gun deck elevation

12" at the gun port

11-1/2" at the upper deck elevation

5-1/2" at the timber line



How do I add a varied thickness?



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Thank you Don!


Since I could not find the "staples easy button" for this in my SW reference book I was getting the impression I was going to have to redraw the inside of each station, re-loft and re-fair.... as I am not sure an offset matches the contract dimensions.


Not something I look forward to but, as they say on the French side of my home town, c'est la vie!


(But I'll wait to see if anyone else has a trick to share first)

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