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Does anyone have any experience working with Juniper wood?


Today a Juniper that hasn't been feeling well for a number of years finally fell to my saw.

Much of it is destined for the flames, but as I was cutting it up, I started having grand visions of masts rising proudly towards the sky ...


If for nothing else, I'd like to use the wood for of its fantastic scent!

If I can make a model that smells like that, I'll have ALL the ship modelling groupies ...



Cheers and thanks in  advance



"If you scratch my back, I'll scratch build yours."

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If I remember correctly, Juniper has similar properties to pine and spruce, being a soft open-grained wood.  That said, I wouldn't think that model ship building, or modelling in general, would have much use for a softwood like these, balsa being the exception of course.

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