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Skipjack Model Kit Comparison - moved by moderator


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I am interested in building a model of a Skipjack oyster boat.

How does the Midwest Products kit compare with the Model Shipways Kit No. MS2032 in terms of completeness, quality of components and instructions, etc.? Are there "better" kits available than these two?

While I am new to wood ship model building, I plan to build 1 or 2 simple wood models before tackling the Skipjack, so building skill should not be a problem.

Thanks, in advance, for your help with this.


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The Midwest kit is 1/25 and the Model Expo is 1/32. Both are considered advanced. The Midwest is die cut I believe and the Model Ship ways is lasercut. Both are great kits that make into a nice model.

Davis B

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