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A friend gave me some small planks of Mara Macho. Its a South American wood.  They are four feet long by 1/2 inch thick and 3 inches wide.  It is a very light red in color and has a tight grain. It came out of a cabinet shop.  Has anyone used it in any ship models? Does anyone have an opinion on its use in Ship Modeling? The raw material seems great for lifts or is ready to reduce to much smaller planks and strips. 


Phil Roach

NRG Director

President, Southwest Florida Ship Modeler's Guild

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Phil Roach

Former Director, Nautical Research Guild

Member Shipmodeler's Guild Southwest Florida

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Hello Phil,


Unfortunately I never heard of Mara Macho wood before, so I can't advise you.

Google didn't come up with anything except that is used for the production of furniture and general construction.


You can find some general/technical informtion about the wood here:

Newman Lumber Company: http://www.newmanlumber.com/mara-macho.html

Woodsourcingg.com (page 2):http://www.woodsourcing.com/usersfiles/273/desc/WMSS-Product-catalog-peruvian-joint-venture.pdf


I hope some of the other members are able to give you some advice.



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