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Santa Ana by AL. - moved by moderator

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i am so glad,today a made the jump,

i by this kit as the next build.

My creole queen is moving forward and i was looking for my next build for the last few month,

and now the kit is home with me.


I was unable to resist to open the box.

My first impression is,watt a kit,my last 3 kit were badly cut on the wood,this one the wood is 

very thick and just playing with the piece by pressure those one release from the wood.


I will take time to check all parts and see if everything are included.

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Congratulations on your purchase.In my opinion the Santa Ana is a beautiful ship and probably my favourite in Artesenia's collection.I did stumble on one build on the net that was mildly modified and was stunning.I regret I didn't save the address or I would have given you the link.From memory,very little was changed other than the gratings,but the colour scheme was changed to reflect Spanish ships of the period.All I can suggest is having a hunt on Google.


Kind Regards



Currently working on Royal Caroline

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Congrats on the Santa Ana, I was torn between the AL Santa Ana and the AL Victory. I chose the Victory, but I sorely wanted to build the Santa Ana as well. But don't let first impressions fool you. The AL Victory at first glance looked to be a well cut kit as well. But once I got to building it, I have had to shim almost every bulkhead in order to get a fair run of the upper and lower hull. The kit will produce a nice model upon completion, but it requires a lot more work to do so then most other kits that I have purchased by Artesania Latina in the past. I hope you do a build log on her.

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