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  1. Yes I can hahahaha. I usually don't go by instructions that much, I build mainly by the plans. But instructions are helpful especially in areas such as when to lay down the decking.
  2. And don't get me started on the stern section hahahaha. I sure wished new model builders or first timers would read some tutorials or a ship model planking book before attempting their first model or at least a video on YouTube, it would make my job a bit easier who adopts orphaned kits such as this.
  3. Here you can see the pronounced curve towards the left side of the bow. What the original builder did, which most newbies would do is install filler blocks and start the planking while the keel and frames are still attached or glued to the building board upside down. You can not do it like that because if the filler blocks aren't the exact fit, they will force a bend in the keel just exactly what happened here and unless the builder is really studious, they will miss the warp or bend until it is too late. Also, NEVER plank a hull upside down unless you have the keel in a keel vice to keep or at least minimize any bends or warps while planking.
  4. Thanks John, I'm going to look for the book "A Shipyard In Maine" sounds like an interesting read. I'm going to build it the way Bluejacket has the Notman represented. I try not to deviate to much from what the kit manufactures intent is, unless there are glaring errors. I do not build museum quality models, I build models to suit me as well as anyone interested in them. But they are basically what I like to call shelf display models and not to be considered 100% historically accurate. I do try to build as close a representation of the subject that I can within reason though. The only thing I enjoy more than the building is the research of the subject in question.
  5. Nic was Johnny on the spot and came through for me in record time. This is what I love about Bluejacket as well as most all U.S. companies, the assistance is top notch. He's shipping me out the frames, keel, instruction manual and brass PE sheet. Nic is saving me a lot of extra work here because sometimes it's just easier to start over and by the warp in this keel that is the way to go.
  6. I sent Nic from Bluejacket last night to see how it goes. Hoping to hear back from Bluejacket ship crafters today to see what they can do.
  7. WOW, what a beauty Ron, I love the details on the Notman that you have done or shall we say Godspeed. Well, I received the kit and caboodle of the Notman and lets just say my worst fears were answered today. The front of the keel from about the 4th to 5th frame forward has a very noticeable bend to the left or port side. Yes, all planking will have to come off. I have contacted Bluejacket and spoke with a lady there who is looking up the part or stock numbers for the keel and frames to see what it will cost me to just start fresh. If not, I will have to gingerly cut between the first 3-4 and possible 5th frame and try and remove the filler blocks to see if there is any way to straighten the keel without having to cut sections out and patch it back together, which I have had to do before. Unfortunately, there is no full sized or scaled drawings of the keel or frames to use as a template to cut new ones and Bluejacket has a strict copy right policy. So I assumed that was going to be the case right off. Now there was numerous bits and pieces as well as the brass etched door facings that were removed from the brass sheet. So I think I'm good there at least for the time being. These loose pieces were packed and shipped in a Bluejacket Smuggler box hahahahaha, The guy never said anything about a second kit so the Smuggler might have went into the trash years ago.
  8. Thank you Nils, it was a total blast finishing her up. The Queen is a fun build and who knows I might do another one of these days.
  9. Here is some pictures of the Creole Queen that the new owner sent to me sitting in her new home
  10. Thanks guys, Rita will be finished in the next couple of weeks, a little fine tuning here and there, installing the running gear and putting on the final touches.
  11. I have had a couple of pm's regarding the installation of the graphic. I sealed the stern as with the entire hull with epoxy resin, then applied the vinyl graphic to the stern and then sealed it with a couple of thin coats of clear coat epoxy resin. Rita ain't going any where, but she can be covered with a thin mahogany veneer and epoxied over. Or you can sand and sand and sand until you remove the graphic, but that would near about be criminal. If she don't get your motor hummin then you better check your ticker. I hope to have the Ratlin Rita finished within the next couple of weeks if any interest in buying her, I will be listing her on the classifieds.
  12. The decals are vinyl printed on transfer paper and are a peel and stick. I didn't print it, I purchased it from another forum member.

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