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  1. I pretty much finished the Crockett. She's sitting awaiting her home port. I will post some finished pictures of it. I also adopted another way ward orphaned 1940 Chris Craft mahogany runabout, which had been partially built and then left to whither on the vine so to speak. I'll try and give it a little love and breath a little life into it. The work quality that had been done isn't the best as usual. I usually don't like building the same model twice, but I felt sorry for it and hated to see it getting kicked from pillar to post without someone taking a bit of gumption and finishing it.
  2. Why not, even adding in shipping and customs fees, it is still great values. If I were still building tall ship models, I would have bought them all.
  3. Resale values of kits notoriously run 50% less than retail. Which would put the value of this kit around $90.00. He posted if someone wanted it for postage. I offered considerably more than what postage should be on this kit. I'm not particularly interested in the kit and hope someone will step up and offer more than what I have. But if not, then I will take it.
  4. I have a buyer lined up for the Crockett. He will be driving down from Georgia to pick it up in a few weeks.
  5. Yes, I also replaced most of the decals after applying them because I didn't like the water slide decals.
  6. The model doesn't look to be in bad shape. A few hours and it would be good as new. I have seen models built by self proclaimed perfectionist and I was not impressed. I'm not a perfectionist, but to me perfectionism is subjective. I have found when it comes to model building, perfectionism can and in most instances create more harm than good.
  7. Where are you going to put the already together hull? It ain't going to in a 30x8x4 box, the original kit box maybe.
  8. If you are getting a free kit, with the hull built and deck planked for $100.00 shipped by who ever packs it, I would jump on it. I have built this particular Mamoli Victory several years ago, and it is a nice kit that builds into a respectable model. If I wanted to build another Victory, I would be all over this deal like a frog on a June Bug.
  9. It's getting a bit closer to completion. Still adding all those bits and pieces. You can see where I added the larger hatch covering for the servo rudder access.
  10. It's getting there. A few more things like the masts and a few bits and pieces.
  11. I'm about half way through with the railings. Those chains are a real pain. I bought some solder off of ebay and did almost the entire railings on the lower deck and while I was working on the front section of railings, I would hear a bing. I checked and found several of the railings had popped loose from the posts. I thought maybe I didn't solder them well enough, so I soldered them again. This morning I went in my work room and found several of the railings loose again. So I found some old solder I had and re-soldered them again. So far, no more Bing.
  12. I'm sorry to hear of your father's passing TexJake, the hobby as a whole will be less for his passing. Our prayers are with you and your family. All of the kits you listed are excellent kits and anyone would be honored to own them.
  13. Thanks Popeye, I sealed the Reaper with epoxy resin to make it water proof, I also sealed the deck and gave it another coat of classic gray paint. I found some scrap 1/8" hobby plywood that I didn't know I had and used it to fashion a new rear hatch cover because the kit supplied cover was to small for the opening after I enlarged it to give better access to the servo and rudder arm. I applied the kit supplied decals to the hull, which are water slide decals, which I don't really care for, but they serve the purpose. Here are a few observations so far of the Crockett kit: Like I
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