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Fair Amarican Model SHipways kit 1:48 - scale issues


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Just wanted to see if anyone else has any thoughts on this.


I have the kit and made some errors and got a second kit,  now I will build it but I now see that the thing is really not right.

in some reading it seems that MS has had 2 versions of it and the plans were re-done along with a change in the scale.

but ither the original model that all of them are based on has errors in scale or something got strange in the re-work.

basically the great cabin doors work out to be about 3 or 4 foot tall depending on how much error they did in the current plans.


Now do not get me wrong the kit will make a really nice looking model if you just admire the look.


but I wonder if someone were to try and make a more "Accurate to scale" version what that would wind up looking like ?


Holding at Rigging stage :

MS Bluenose 1:64, rigging and finish work


Building Hull :

MS Fair American 1:48


In the yard:  18th Century Longboat, Model Shipways Kit

Done: AL Bounty Jolly Boat

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Greetings Fig...


I am in the middle of building this model at the moment. The hull is done and I am now building the beak head. When I got the kit I noticed the same thing you did - the door to the cabin is way too small. I built a simple companion way centered on the poop deck that has an appropriately sized door. I also added a skylight in the poop deck that would provide light and ventilation to the cabin below. These modifications will necessitate a redesign of the helm, but the finished model will be far more realistic. I will be adding other modifications as well as I go along. According to MS, their model is a model of a model so they make no claims as to its relationship to the real ship. Accordingly, you are free to make improvements as you see fir. Other folks on the forum have built this model and some have added the companionway. Take look at their build logs. KenW has a particularly good one in progress.



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