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Katy Pilot Boat - Vintage Model Shipways

Katy Pilot Boat - Vintage Model Shipways
ERS Rich
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ERS Rich
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Katy pilot boat built during 2020.  Vintage kit by Model Shipways.  Built out of the box with some additional Bluejacket blocks.  Case is my own design.


The point of this project is finish experimentation.


Solid pine hull primed with rattle can shellac and gesso.  Lower Hull painted with Ceramac bamboo craft paint, with Wales and upper hull Vallejo black and yellow ochre.  Non toxic waste finish.

Gesso and bamboo applied with Iwata RG3 mini spray gun.  Wales and upper hull painted with Paasche Talon.


Deck is individual planks, stained with Rustoleum Kona stain prior to installation.  This thick stain was applied to one side and edge of each board and allowed to dry.  Boards were then glued to the solid hull, leaving a very bumpy surface with a thick stain finish.  Deck was planed with a Clifton shoulder plane and Veritas mini bull nose plane.

Deck house window is gloss black paint.


Minwax Ipswich Pine finish on remainder, applied with brush.  Mast tops Vallejo black applied with Paasche Talon.


Case moulding, with ogee edge, and frame are Hickory.  Base board is Maple plywood.  All finished with Old Masters Maple Stain.


”Glass” is 3/32” Lexan.




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    • No worries Bob....always learning, the best part about all of this....
    • Beautiful model! I have the POB on the shelf for a future build down the road. Thanks for explaining your paint and stain scheme.
    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your further explanations!
      I have now a good understanding of the principle of how you made the case. I am looking forward to your additional photos! No hurry from my side, because there is still a lockdown in my country, so I cannot buy materials...
      I intend to make my case 102 cm by 35 cm wide and 75 cm height. I assume that this is close to your dimensions (and weight...).
    • Yes, it took 2 people for the large panels. Most of your statements are correct, the top was done differently. They are only rectangular strips that fit into a shoulder I milled on the outside tops of the verticals deep enough so the strip (when attached) make the outside edge of the glass trough (of the verticals) allowing the panels to slide in and out. Then the cover is screwed to the verticals locking the whole thing together. The total weight of glass would have been ~ 160 lbs so I went with Plexiglass which was only about 75 lbs but more expensive. I under estimated both the weight of material as well as the cost for a case this size. I will try to post (or send to you directly) photos to help explain, however, it is at my sons house so it may be a few days. In the meantime let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your interest.
    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for taking the time to explain. I understand somewhat better. If you would share additional photos: that would be great!
      I have understood that your horizontal wooden strips have an extenting part at the bottom so that it fits into the base grooves. I assume my milling the excess away.
      Is it the same construction at the top?
      I have seen in your photos that the glass is held in place by clip-skrews. I assume that the horizontal wooden strips at the top are only at the outside, to allow the sliding of the glass?
      Did you need assistance for sliding in the big glass panels, because of the weight?
      Thanks! Andre
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