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  1. Ouch, I feel your pain!🥺 Another reason why it's not a good idea to make up the whole mast in one go. I did the same with Speedy, and am now finding it awkward to rig the shrouds.
  2. Attractive model with a superb display case. Did you make the display yourself? If so I'd be interested to know how you made the inlaid anchor. Looks like very skilful marquetry?
  3. Excellent work. I wish I'd followed your lead in rigging the lower masts first on my Speedy build. I followed the kit instructions and completed each mast assembly before rigging, then cursed having to seize the shrouds and stays round the mastheads in situ. I'm currently repeating the curses as I struggle with the topmast shrouds. However I must say you're brave fitting the railings on the tops at this stage. If I did that I'd be sure to break them before I'd finished rigging! Derek
  4. Thanks Sailor. The crowsfeet protected the stays from being rubbed and damaged by the lower edges of the topsails, and prevented the lower edges of the sails from getting caught up in the rims of the tops. The euphroe is just a specialised block to get the correct tension on the crowsfoot line. Somewhere earlier in the log is a discussion about the origin of the word - basically it stems from the Dutch for 'young woman'. The mind boggles
  5. I only rigged the breech ropes on my Royal Caroline, but I admit I was more interested in appearance than historical accuracy. I agree with other folks that too much clutter can detract from other aspects of the model. Of course, real-life sailing ships were very cluttered and crews had to work hard to keep everything ship-shape, but this was a royal yacht so perhaps we can forgive them for not wanting all that rigging spoiling the guns! On my latest build, HMS Speedy, I fully rigged all 14 guns with 2mm blocks and that was an exercise in patience! Rather than go that far, you might want to co
  6. Crowsfeet contd. Finished rigging the crowsfeet this morning. I think they've turned out reasonably well, and without pulling the stays out of line too much - to my eye at least. After they passed down through the last starboard hole in the tops, the crowsfoot lines were tied off to their adjacent loops under the rims. In the photo the spare ends of the lines are awaiting trimming. The crowsfoot tackle was tied off with a couple of half hitches below the block on the stay, and the free end seized to the stay with fly tying thread: I tried to keep
  7. Many thanks Glenn, Glenn, B.E., James and Theodosius for your kind comments, and for the likes. I read your Pegasus log before attempting the crowsfeet on Royal Caroline, and took note of your advice on distorting the stays. I found it impossible to avoid completely, but with care it can be mnimised. Completely agree - a fine balance to achieve but worth it for a part of the rigging I find interesting and visually attractive. I'll post a final update on the crowsfeet shortly. Derek
  8. Crowsfeet I decided to fit these before the ship got too cluttered with yards and so forth. Crowsfeet are one of my favourite parts of the rigging - I just think they add interest and visual appeal. However they can be tricky to get right, particular problems being making sure the lines look straight and even, and that the crowsfeet don't pull the stays they are attached to out of line. The crowsfeet are identical on the fore and main masts, so I'll describe how I tackled the latter. Line For the crowsfeet themselves I used 0.1mm line. 1200mm for each mast gave me
  9. Congratulations on the build, she's coming along fine. And well done on keeping such a comprehensive log. I tend to leave lanyards loose until I'm ready to tighten all the related rigging. There are so many forces and counter forces in the rigging that there's a danger that if you seize up lanyards too early in the process they will turn out to be either too tight or too loose later on. Leave the lanyards loose until everything bearing on a particular mast or yard is ready then progressively tighten everything up until all is in balance. If so, I'm a weirdo too.
  10. Edward, if you stick at it and practice you'll be surprised what you can achieve. I made most of mine for Royal Caroline from boxwood rules - not all at once - just a few at a time every day or so. That way, it's surprising how many you can make over the course of a build. I've not bothered with Speedy, as the pearwood blocks in the kit option I went for are so good. Derek
  11. Well done Eric - a lovely model. I've enjoyed following your log as you've put your own stamp on the kit. Derek
  12. Beautiful model. To what extent have you gone beyond the original kit to add further detail?
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