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  1. Many thanks. Like Bruce, I couldn't see the 'Mark as solution' button anywhere - now it's magically appeared! 👍 Needless to say, I have just used that function 😀 Derek Edit: Still can't find the button anywhere else. Is it perhaps a function that only appeared on new posts very recently?
  2. I was surprised and gratified recently to be notified that I had provided the best answer to a question raised in the Masting & Rigging sub forum by @glbarlow. I've now noticed that there's a green tick labelled "Member's solved count" on my posts. I wasn't aware that this feature even existed! Glenn explained that he had clicked a button at the bottom of my post to mark it, but I can't find any such button. I've had some great help from other members when I've asked questions on the forum, and would certainly have used this feature to mark their posts if I had known it was ava
  3. Magnificent model. You certainly achieved your aim with some great weathering.
  4. I agree with Gregory - very subtle, and probably finer and neater than you might achieve with the pencil technique. Derek
  5. Useful information, thanks Glenn. I shall read through this carefully when I get to the same stage (some time next year!). Derek
  6. Glad to hear you guys are getting on well with your quadhands. I wouldn’t have known about them if it wasn’t for this forum. Yet another example of what a great site this is for sharing information and ideas.
  7. That's a good idea Tim - I think I'll try that. Thanks. I'll still have to seize the deadeyes with the masts fitted on the model to get the heights right, but that should be easier as I'll be able to swing the shroud up out of the way of the ship. I expect the quadhands will be extra useful. Derek
  8. Hi John. Ideally, yes, I’d use the same seizing. On previous builds I made up each pair of shrouds off the model. I fitted the lower masts first, so I could fit the shroud loop over the masthead before caps were fitted. This time I’ve made up the whole masts first, which means I’ll have to seize the loops on the model. I’m not sure how easy it’ll be to do the proper seizing on the model - I’ll try, but I may have to do a simpler version! Hope this helps. What model are you working on? Derek
  9. Thanks Tim & Glenn Starting from Step 4, take the left hand line and start wrapping it round to form the riding turns as shown in Step 5. These turns are literally 'riding' on top of the first layer, with each riding turn lying in the groove between each pair of turns in the first layer. That's why there is one fewer riding turn. Let me know if that's not clear and I'll try to explain more fully. As for locating the deadeyes in shrouds, I'll cover that in due course, but in brief I use a little jig comprising a piece of wood with pins in, such that the pins locate in
  10. Thanks for the 'Thanks' Glenn - I recalled you saying you'd be interested in my approach to shrouds so I'm glad you found this useful.
  11. Bowsprit rigging Work on Speedy progresses very slowly, as domestic duties continue to take precedence during Mrs D's convalescence. I've decided not to fret about it, but rather to just enjoy any time I can spare for the workshop. This morning I spent an hour on the bowsprit stays, reminding myself how to seize deadeyes. Good practice for the shrouds later on! The kit calls for 0.75mm line for the stays, but as they would have been served throughout their length I decided to dig out my Syren serving machine. Using 0.5mm line served with the finest Gutermann sewing thr
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