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  1. For the first planking I think that looks fine. You'll be amazed how different it will look after you sand it.
  2. Another superbly well executed and visually very attractive model. The figures really help to bring the barge to life. I just hope that man has a firm grip on his oar - regicide is still a capital offence! Derek
  3. Thanks, that's good of you to say so, but please bear in mind that I like putting my own stamp on kits. I hope I haven't given the impression that you need lathes and milling machines and so forth to enjoy this hobby. With good suppliers like Vanguard you can produce excellent models straight out of the box without using expensive tools and special techniques and materials. Like many people, I started out following plans and instructions, and only started 'kit bashing' as my interest grew and I gradually built up my toolkit and knowledge. Anyway, in MSW you've found a great source of information and advice on all aspects of the hobby. Have fun - and consider starting your own build log. Derek
  4. Thanks Eamonn! I might not be quite done yet as I'm seriously tempted to copy the display method you used on your splendid Ballahoo build. Showing her on the stocks like that really helps bring her to life.
  5. Thanks Erik. You set a very high standard with your Lady Isabella build so I'm looking forward to your Flirt.
  6. Thanks for the kind words James. There's no such thing as too slow in my book, at least as far as model building is concerned. Take your time and enjoy it!
  7. Thanks Glenn. I've learned from your logs too so it's definitely a two way street. I use an elderly Nikon D90 with a 18 - 105mm lens, which seems to do OK for close-ups. Those lights look identical to the ones I've got. They're OK, especially for close-ups and small objects but if money was no object I'd go for something larger to fully illuminate something the size of a model ship.
  8. Many thanks B.E. I've bookmarked your work since I joined MSW and I've taken the quality of your models and logs as the standard to aspire to, so I particularly appreciate your kind comments. Derek
  9. Thanks John. I'll look out for your build log. Thanks Tim. I couldn't believe how many techniques I had to relearn/re-invent on this build, simply because I hadn't recorded them in the past. As I've said before, the log has been as much for my benefit as anything, but I'm really glad you and other folk have found it helpful too. Thanks Richard. I also need to thank you again for prompting me to get some lights and background material to improve my photography!
  10. I appreciate your kind words Tom. Sharing information is one of the great things about this forum - I've probably learned ten times more from other people than I could ever hope to put back.
  11. Thanks Druxey! Your books were always on my workbench as a constant source of information and inspiration, particularly during the rigging stage. Thanks Chris - I wanted to do your great kit justice.
  12. Thanks Ryland. I'm still tempted by the Medway Longboat whenever I see the beautiful pictures in your log, but I'm afraid it's going to have to wait in line behind Vanguard's Duchess of Kingston and HMS Sphynx.
  13. Thanks for your kind comments Glenn - much appreciated. I've tried to follow your advice on lighting, backgrounds and camera settings so I'm glad you've seen some improvement. I still need better lights, and the cloth background isn't uniform enough - I might try paper.
  14. Thanks Spyglass. I hope your build goes well - and I'm glad I'm only the second slowest builder on the planet!
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