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  1. ...yes, but you didn't spot that it's sub-species Spheroides, which tends more towards rounded holes.
  2. Superb model of a fascinating subject - the Shackleton figure really brings it to life.
  3. For those who remember 70's lyrics...
  4. Beautiful gratings ... and welcome to the MF70 club! Deck treenails would have been about 1"/ 25mm diameter, so approximately 1mm at 1:24. Derek
  5. I have the Proxxon MF70 and would highly recommend it. I also have a larger mill for bigger jobs, but the Proxxon is ideal for the smaller scale stuff you're likely to face when kit bashing. Even with kits, as opposed to scratch building, there are lots of ways you can improve the basic offering with a mill. The cathead in Gaetan's earlier post is one example, and as you rightly surmise, the mill doubles as an accurate drill press - with care you can get tolerances close to +/- 0.01mm which is more than sufficient for our hobby. For examples of the MF70 check out my Speedy log. For
  6. Richard, I owe you a big 'thanks' for motivating me to try and improve my own photography. Like you, I went to Amazon to get the lights and backdrop, although I went for a larger woven backdrop as I felt it would give me more flexibility. I got some very useful advice on camera settings from Glenn (@glbarlow, here), and picked up useful tips from contributors to this topic (I'm particularly grateful to @Dr PR and @Dziadeczek). Anyway, here's one of my first attempts with my old Nikon D90. Lots of room for improvement, but better than I usually manage: ...and a cro
  7. Right, I've had a go with the new lights and backdrop. In the end I went for a material backdrop (here) as it is bigger than the PVC the one Richard (@Rik Thistle) described and I felt it would give me more flexibility in framing shots. Here's one of the first shots I took (before I'd even ironed out the creases in the material!): Here's a couple more... Here's a cropped version of the same shot which I think is better: Not brilliant but I'm starting to see the potential, especially if I can experiment a bit more with settings. I followed Glenn's advice (@glbar
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