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  1. Ron, no worries about the pics, though I did create a topic called "All Things Woody Joe", so we could share about their kits of castles, temples, boats, ships, teahouses, etc. You can find it under Shore Leave here: Anyway, the kit is out now, and three people including myself have been really pushing to convince Woody Joe to develop this kit, so I'm sure hoping I'm not the only one who builds this kit, or they are not going to be very happy with us! Clare
  2. Yay, no more waiting on the Atakebune kit! Just announced by Woody Joe and available to order for ¥38,000, or about $335 plus shipping, here: https://www.japan-wooden-model-kits-zootoyz.shop/contents/en-us/p25066.html Mike, I think it needs some of that Puritan Pine of yours! I've contacted Zootoys about getting mine. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how I might add dummy beam ends to the hull to simulate all those small copper mortise coverings you see in the museum model photos. Also, since it was supposedly the ship Nippon Maru and was a ship of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, I was thinking that maybe some battle flags with his mon, or crest, would be a nice addition. Who else getting one? Clare
  3. Great photos Ron, but since this thread is about the Woody Joe Atakebune kit, I want to make sure that people get the word that Woody Joe officially announced the release of their new Atakebune kit today, and it will begin shipping starting this Sunday. I've contacted Zootoyz, where I think most of us here get our Woody Joe products, and began arrangements to get my kit. The price is actually better than I expected at ¥38,000 (currently about $335). The prototype model looks a bit simplistic in the photos, but with some wood stain or dye, and a little bit of detailing, I think it will make for a pretty nice model. Again, it's a 1/100 scale kit with an overall length of just under half a meter, that's just over 19". Mr. Kazunori Morikawa, who runs Zootoyz.jp, visited the museum model and took a lot of photos. I think they're all posted on the shop's Facebook page, so those should help anyone who wants to add some more detail to the model. For those interested in buying the kit, I went and tried to search for it on the two Zootoyz web shops, but I don't think it's listed in the sites menus, or at least I couldn't find it. But, here's a direct link to the product where it can be ordered: https://www.japan-wooden-model-kits-zootoyz.shop/contents/en-us/p25066.html.
  4. I love your work Ron! I really need to start working on more dioramas. I have trouble with people though – I guess I'm just not a people person... As for the image rotation, that's weird – it's not even consistent. Good thing my computer is light enough to flip upside down as needed! 😁 Oh, the latest word is that the new Atakebune kit is due to be released early next month. Hope you've all been saving your pennies! I may be into this for a fair chunk of money, as I'm planning on getting two kits. At least the dollar to yen exchange rate is really good right now... Clare
  5. I posted this information in a topic I created in the Shore Leave section called All Things Woody Joe, but it's about the Woody Joe Atakebune kit. I got the dimensions from them, but no further word on cost or expected release date. Scale: 1/100 Length: 490mm or 19.3"  Width: 230mm or 9" Height: 310mm or 12.2" (including the stand)
  6. Hmm... Maybe people here just don't like sea shanties? I used to listen to them when building ship models out in the garage workshop at night. That was back in the days of the cassette tape, so the only way you could hear them is if you owned a recording, and I had a couple tapes. Maybe it's too "over the top" for everyone else?
  7. Wow, I just realized this post was from December of last year... And, nobody replied to it. I saw this video on Youtube quite some time ago and I found it very moving. Maybe it had something to do with such a wide variety of people having enough interest in a very old type of song to take part in this project.
  8. For those interested in the Atakebune kit that Woody Joe is working on now, I just got a small update from them. No word on when the kit will be released or on any pricing yet. But, the dimensions of the 1/100 scale model are said to be as follows, which includes the oars: Length: 490mm or 19.3"  Width: 230mm or 9" Height: 310mm or 12.2" (including the stand) Kazunori Morikawa, who runs the online shop Zootoyz.jp, posted this and other pictures of the big model that is on display at the Nagoya Castle Museum. He gave me permission to share the photo here. This model is, I believe, 1/10 scale, and it is the basis of the Woody Joe kit. In the background, you can kind of see a large model of a Korean Turtle Ship, which was the bane of the Atakebune. I just realized too that there is a non-Woody Joe kit of a turtle ship available that is scale compatible with the Woody Joe kit prototype. So, you can create a similar display for yourself. Waiting... waiting... waiting...
  9. Mark, message received and understood! Guess I'd better finish the sail on the Kitamaebune kit then! The project doesn't look any different than before, but here's a pic, since we're sharing about Woody Joe... More here: Yes, Bob. But, if you start one, they are all relatively quick builds in comparison with just about any western ship model. So, when you need a break, it makes for a nice short term project. Just don't be like me and end up with so many of these short term projects that they blend into one enormous long term string of them! Mike, I haven't heard any specifics on the kit other than scale. My understanding is that they worked with the Chikuzen Nagoya Castle museum, which houses a 1/10 scale model of the same ship. Kazunori-san of Zootoyz visited the museum and took a bunch of photos of the model. If I can find out the size of that model, this one will supposedly be 1/10 that size. Unfortunately, I don't know the size of that model, but I will ask Kazunori-san. I also sent an email to Woody Joe asking if there are any more specifics available on the upcoming kit.
  10. This is just a display stand. It's the same one that's included with their HMS Victory kit. Nothing special, but it's made for models with a keel that's flat and parallel to the waterline, as the model is supposed to rest directly on the stand. The only downside I see is that the edge of the baseboard is visible, and it's plywood. So, you see all the ply layers. Also, it won't serve as the base for an acrylic case, unless the case is just a 5-sided box and you're using it as a simple dust cover.
  11. Mike, yeah those stone bases are kind of like ratlines. You start off okay, happy with the way it's turning out. Then, you realize how much farther you have to go... 😳 In the end, it's a relief and it looks really cool, but nobody will understand how much effort went into it but you! Oh, if you've actually BEEN to Hiroshima castle, well, there's no choice. You must build a model of it! Another iconic Japanese castle, but I guess they all are. Anyway, it's less expensive and a quicker build than Himeji castle, which means you can "eat more potato chips." For me, I ended up with Matsumoto castle, but I was seriously thinking about Hirosaki castle. It's just a small castle keep, but I really like the moat and the larger landscaping around it with the cherry blossom trees. https://www.japan-wooden-model-kits-zootoyz.shop/contents/en-us/p1711_Hirosaki-Castle-Wooden-Japanese-Castle-Model-Kits-by-Woody-JOE.html By the way, and maybe you already knew this, but a few of us who've been in direct contact with Woody Joe finally convinced them to develop a model of a Sengoku-period Japanese warship called an Atakebune. These were the big lumbering ships that the samurai used as the flagships of their sea battles. The largest of these ships were basically castles on the sea, and even had castle-like structures on the deck. The engineer's at Woody Joe have been doing the development work for many months now, and I understand that they are now in the process of creating the instructions. I was hoping, and pushing, for the release of 1/72 scale models, but the production costs are apparently too high. So, it appears the kit will be 1/100 scale. They posted an update on Facebook: Looks like they'll still be pretty good sized, and I expect they'll be pretty expensive too. So, I'm setting aside the funds now, because I expect we'll see the new kits released within another couple months, and I want to be ready. I've already put in a request with Zootoyz.jp to get one for me. Anyway, I have to build it since I've been bugging them for a few years about developing the kit. Who knows what I'm in for? But, if you build this, you'll get your ship modeling AND your castle building desires covered in one model kit!
  12. Hope something works out for you Richard. That's a beautiful temple. Mike, I just used Liquitex soft body acrylics and it worked out fine for me, but I had to thin it down of course. I don't know if it's the best, but it's just been my go-to for years and I'm used to it. Really, the same with use of wood dye, but I'm all for experimenting. As for castles being more ambitious projects, I guess that's true since you have so may tile roofs and keep structures. Also, as EKE was wondering about this, the stone base is made from a rather unique looking wood. I think Woody Joe explains the source of the wood somewhere. You get little rectangular pieces that you cut in kind of random ways and trim off the corners. These are glued one at a time to create the very accurate looking stone facade. But, it was a slow going process for me. I think I got a little carried away and cut them down too small, creating a lot of extra work for myself. When I was done, I decided one little castle was enough for me. Of course, as they say, time heals all wounds... so I bought the Kumamoto Castle kit!
  13. Hi Richard, was this the mini-yakatabune I saw in the build logs some time back? With the lighting?
  14. EKE, Himeji castle is very famous in Japan. Some castles are modern rebuilds, but Himeji scale is the original. I think it's about 700 years old, though I know it's changed over time – I think they all have. It's also a really serious model kit. I built Woody Jde's Iwakuni Castle kit, which is a LOT smaller – about 1/16 the total amount of construction, I think. Even that, I found to be a nice challenge. A few months ago, I finally broke down and bought their Matsumoto castle kit ago: https://www.japan-wooden-model-kits-zootoyz.shop/contents/en-us/p1581_Matsumoto-Castle-Wooden-Japanese-Castle-Model-Kits-by-Woody-JOE.html This is the only castle in Japan that I've ever visited. The real castle is pretty interesting inside. It's like old sailing ships in reverse, the higher you climb, the lower the ceilings. And, the stairs are like ladders, but I was surprised at how much distance there is between the steps. I like this castle, because it has a moat. It's kind of barren around it though, and I'm kind of getting into adding some greenery when I can. But, I figured making a realistic looking moat would do.
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