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  1. I think it's likely that it is Butapren, a kind of super strong rubber cement. I've seen it sold on a Polish paper modeler shop site that has some connection to Shipyard. It's commonly sold in tube form, but I think it can be purchased by the can. But, I've only seen it with Polish label, so you'd probably have to find some local equivalent. ]
  2. This very simple Billing Boats kit was a project I took on, specifically to illustrate how you can make a decent looking model from a simple kit, but building mostly straight from the box. It's certainly not my best work, as I followed most of the shortcuts shown in the instructions, plans, and kit photos. I have to sake it does make a nice diversion if you're an experience modeler and need something simple to work on for a while, or if you're beginner trying to get a taste of ship modeling. Also, I've seen there's been some interest in the build, as there are those making micro RC
  3. Thanks for the nice comments, Jim. The metric scale is really a carryover from Japanese models. The boatbuilders themselves often made models of their boats, maybe as a pastime when it's too cold or wet to work on their full-sized boats, or maybe as a retirement hobby. But, when they did, it was often in 1/10 scale and sometimes 1/15 or 1/20 scale. I've been trying to stick to these scales, but for some subjects, I've been drifting to 1/32 and 1/72 scales. The 1/72 scale, because some recent Japanese kits have been in that scale, so it's nice for larger vessels to stick to that sca
  4. This is the very model kit that inspired my interest in ship modeling so many years ago. Beautiful model!
  5. I agree with Chris, it's the Half Moon or Halve Maen. But, only the Corel kit has 8 gun ports. Most other kits, particularly the more recent ones, and the replicas show the ship pierced for 4 guns, 2 on each side. Just like this model.
  6. Hi Sam, I was interested in the N.S. del Pilar kit, but I initially got turned off because of the oddness of the poop deck in the kit. The edge of the upper-most deck is oddly exposed, extending out past the bulwarks. This didn't seem right to me. But, hen, I ran across some plans of the ship and saw photos of older models of the ship, and they all show this rather unusual feature. Readin a little about her history, and about how she was rebuilt in 1750, I'm guessing that the poop deck might have been extended to increase the number of cabins or cabin space on the quart
  7. It's interesting that you received it in six boxes. They have the kit in a single box at Ages of Sail. You somehow received the kit from their supply of "Packs" or part kits, but I think the instructions are the same as the ones in the full kit. This is the only kit I'm aware of where OcCre actually broke down the instructions into six stages to match the part kits. I have the Montañes as a part kit and you just build until you don't have enough pieces to go on, which now that I think about it, is going to be pretty weird. Your NS del Pilar is looking great!
  8. First completed ship model? Wow! I've always liked the look of the Kate Cory. Well done!
  9. Finally got around to mounting the deadeyes to those hull structures that I have no name for. I have to admit that I've been dragging my feet on this step, as "rigging" has kind of fallen out of favor with me. Not good for a modeler of sailing ship! Probably more of a phase. I tend to get into whatever type of work I happen to be doing and don't take well to shifting gears these days. And, I guess I particularly like hull construction, deck planking, and probably research most of all. But, it was time to get back to the Cog after a general break from most everything fu
  10. May be a simplistic kit, but you did a bang up job on it. Well done!
  11. Beautiful model, and I love the job you did in creating the figure! Figure sculpting is an area I really want to work on. Mine are pretty blobby, yet. Thanks for posting all the background information too. I adds so much to the appreciation of the boat itself, and not just the model. Again, beautiful job on the model. I expect I'll be studying all your photos very closely for inspiration.
  12. Gorgeous presentation of a nicely done model! It looks like it is in very good company too. I think I spot a Katy, a brig Eagle... can't tell about the other ships in the background, but looks like one cutter rig and maybe a harbor tug of some sort? Are you R.B. Fairfull then? Lovely photos, all of them. Looks like some beautiful work there. Looking forward to following your build logs!
  13. Hi Christos, your build is coming along beautifully! The Royal Caroline kit has alway been one of those builds on my wish list. As for your paint or no paint question, first off, I have to agree with the comments that it's totally up to you. That said, I will add the comment that whatever you do, some people will always think it would look better the "other way". When I get around to building this kit, I personally really like the look of the model in the box art, which shows a white bottom. However, the wood showing on that model is very light in color. My one concer
  14. What a very cool subject and a really nicely done model! What scale did you build this in and what did you use for the hide?
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