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  1. While processing the wood for the bow framing timbers the Bandsaw died.....drive belt shredded..... Lucky to be able to get a new belt for this Craftsman machine....belt should be here week after next.... Shifting to completing the Amati Endeavor racing yacht...
  2. A really nice and sharp looking model. Know what you mean about simplicity. Sometimes I get tired of shaping every piece of wood....and knock together a plastic kit. You’ve shown a simple kit can lead to a good result. Cheers!
  3. About the scroll work. Good job dealing with the problem at hand! Have this kit and wondered about attaching the bow scroll work. I’ve done, it but glueing a part on a painted surface seems less than ideal. Perhaps use brass pins to help. Drill two holes in scroll work, off the model. Use scroll work as a template to mark the two hole locations on the hull, and drill the two holes. Make hole depth less than pin length. Hang the scroll work loosely with the pins. Apply CA to underside of scrollwork - slide scroll work alon
  4. Hello, about the glue....let’s take advantage of their properties. As you say CA is a fast, but it’s a brittle, bond. So the CA means no need to clamp or hold the plank. If you make a mistake, the plank can be popped of the bulkhead, pry with a knife, and removed before the glue on the edge dried. Start over by sanding off the residue on the bulkhead. Mistakes always happen! Read about the glue procedure somewhere, check out Ship Modeling Simplified by Mastini. There are ways to check that the bulkheads are book matched around the centerline vertical a
  5. Have built quite a few plank on bulkhead and solid hulls. True POB is “harder” or has more problems than a solid hull. However they can be overcome. In my experience bulkheads have had fit problems. The beauty of wood is, if wood is missing, it’s easy to add, and if there is too much, sand it away. As GuntherMT explains above, the bulkhead problem is solvable. In my experience with POB, letting the planks lay easy across the bulkheads is important. Realize the board can be bent to fit the frames and it can be twisted, but it can’t be bent along the edge very much. A minu
  6. Regarding cutting the notches..... Plunge cut with two types of Xacto blades. Define the side and rear faces, then slice along the bottom face. Lift after slicing, fibers will pop out. New blades essential.
  7. This boat is 99%, juggling time with the Constitution build....


  8. This week spent time understanding how to make the stern filler blocks using the contour templates. Started on the bow framing. Filler Blocks: Found a board with the contour heights marked, as parallel lines, was a time saver. Index the block along the board edge, and slide the template along the line to contact the block. Shaped the block by working the midline shoulder between the bearding and bulkhead R lines. Kept rounding the shoulder and stayed away from the edges. Worked up to the bulkhead R and bearding line edges last. Bow Framing:
  9. 1970’s Kit by Modelshipways, built out of the box. Some blocks by Bluejacket. Solid hull sealed with shellac/gesso. Acrylic Paint by Vallejo applied with Paasch Talon airbrush. Hard Maple case with 3/32” SSB glass, Roman ogle edge base molding. Case finished with Old Masters Maple Stain and Three Bees organic furniture wax. Built 2 ships. One for a friend’s mother, the kit was purchased by her husband, who passed away before starting it. My first commission.
  10. Thanks for showing the method for using the copper strips. And that spray gun is a game changer. Enjoying your posts, thank you.
  11. Welcome aboard and greetings from Massachusetts. Always available to answer any questions. May your projects go smoothly! -Rich
  12. Hello Tomasz, greetings from Massachusetts USA. Always ready to answer a question, if you need a hand. Cheers!
  13. Thanks Gunter. Setup for cabinet making, had a closet cabinet making business for about 5 years.... And an understanding wife!
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