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  1. Justin, I just acquired a paper print of a painting by Frank Vinin Smith who was a prominent marine artist. I'm just guessing about the prominent because on googling him I find that the original of my print is on the market for $9000. So I would like to preserve this print and would very muke like it if you could give me some pointers. It has been folded in the middle it has several tears 

    . it measures 28 w by 22h. I think the print is around 70 years old.I can send a picture or two if that would help, Thanks in advance for any help.  Bill

    1. Justin P.

      Justin P.

      Hi Bill, 


      Id be happy to help.   Is your plan to frame it?  If not then at the size you describe it may be best rolled on an archival tube.  However, one needs to deal with the crease before rolling.   Where are you located?   Are you able to invest in this work or are you comfortable with a little intervention on your own?   I can describe the steps, you just need to be a bit bold, ha!   A picture at this point would be really helpful.   Open it without pressing flat, take a photo of the entire thing and then a photo as close as you can to the inner crease.   The idea to see the state of the image at along the fold. 


      - Justin

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