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  1. Lou, glad to see the weather has broken over your way. Snowed about an inch last night and cooled off to +20F. Nothing like Edmonton is getting. Michae,l I know what you mean, when I was in my 20s I worked at a gas station in Anchorage. It had been 50 below for a couple weeks and when it warmed up to 10 below everybody had to take off a layer.
  2. Well I bet Imagnas snow status has changed. My daughter works for sno homish pud in Monroe and the folks east of her are getting hammered on up to Stevens pass.Road is closed and the villages up along hiway 2 are running out of fuel and firewood etc. No gas cause the stations don't have generators and stuff like that. Michael, I used to feed my uncles cows in the winter in the late 60s and it was that cold then. Not fun to be out in but the cows appreciated the water and feed. They can survive amazing cold if they have feed and water. Weather here has been up to 40 F today rain anad more snow are expected tonite.
  3. Its only 32F here in Lewiston Idaho. However we got 4.8 official inches of snow last night. A record amount for the date.
  4. You live in a beautiful place John. Been through there a few time on my way to Shelby which is not so beautiful.
  5. By contrast,we here in North central Idaho,south eastern WA. had a relatively fire free summer and a mild winter so far. Was actually 50 F yesterday and sunny with a breezes. You guys in Australia take care.Although we are 400 miles from the coast our weather is greatly affected by the ocean.
  6. A quote from Dos Equis' worlds most interesting man. "I don't often lose things,but when I do, Its because my wife has moved them." Remember, "Every tool is a hammer except a screwdriver. That's a chisel."
  7. Trying to find your glasses when they're on your head comes to mind.
  8. Always put them back in the same place. No matter how unorganized and messy your shop looks always put them back in the same place. If you have a lot of small tools and parts then you may need aq tool box with a lot of drawers and a number of parts bins racks ,still always use the same drawers for the same parts and tools. If your getting on and living in the hereafter.Thats when you walk into a room and wonder,what am I hereafter. Then theres not much hope,but putting things aback in the same place always helps. Bill
  9. I wasn't thinking immediately ,but down the road. I can see that its an involved project. I once built a large model of Sitka Alaska as it looked in 1840. It was scratch built and based on a plan drawn by the Russians in 1840. Since Sitka is a coastal town I had to include a couple ships and Native canoes. Lots of fun.They even had a ship mockup on land to teach local boys seamanship. I think this will be a satisfying project for you and fun for us to watch.
  10. Very nice. You'll need to add a small dock and ship to this scene.
  11. I really like these kinds of posts.Very informative and interesting to see how folks solve their problems.
  12. You could always just epoxy the glue bottle to the work bench. (maniacal laughter) Certainly is a cool looking tool though.
  13. I was looking back on your discussion of finishes on yellow cedar and I asked my cousin who still fishes out of Sitka about its use as planking on the wooden Salmon Trollers there. Yellow cedar isn't used that much for planking as it doesn't hold finishes well. It has a natural oil in it that rejects most finishes as you found out. If left to itself the cedar will naturally darken as I found out when a retailer of one of my carved paddles found out when he put a sticker on one. When removed by the customerer a lighter colored spot he shape of the sticker was left and the sale was rejected. It sure it pretty as model planking though. Your work is superb BTW. Another interesting thing about cedar is that its bark can be stripped in the spring of the year and is cleaned and cut into long flexible strips that is then woven into durable baskets.
  14. Don't mean to hijack your thread if you like I will delete these after you see them.

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