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  1. Don't forget Kappler scale lumber .
  2. John, I just happened to live in Sitka AK for 30 years,and am familiar with Samson tug and barge co. Pretty cool model there. Im not gonna comment on its veracity but it does capture the flavor of the place specially when I first moved there in the very early 70s. My own layout has a water railroad interface. No railroads inSitka though,however there used to be a pulp mill that was serviced by railbarge aand operated by Samson back in the day. Have you been to Sitka ?
  3. John, I like your use of a little subdued color. Too many guys who model Sellios' kits make everything too gray and drab as though the buildings never had paint at all. Seems like only buildings that have been abandoned for many years are totally devoid of paint.
  5. Beautiful Steam launches. Keep up with your build. Itll be very satisfying to haave completed it and possibly a heirloom.
  6. A librarian was killed in our town last night when a stack of books fell on him. Turns out he had only his shelf to blame.
  7. I would also recommend downloading a copy of a conversion table of numbered bits to thousandths and keep it near your workbench.
  8. Now, that's a switch. Usually logs are made into paper. Nice work.
  9. Boxwood is also common in the US for the same reason. My neighbor has a little hedge of them for the past 19 years anyway and they keep them4 feet tall and very bush. Nothing that one could harvest for even very small lumber..
  10. Here in Idaho, Lewiston is technically a seaport even though we are 400 miles inland. Right now at harvest time the grain barges have lost their access to the coast because of cracks found in the locks structure downstream. Also a few years back we got to watch as encircle ments were made and dredge spoils were pumped in to make more land which was ultimately turned into an R/V park. Also clam shell cranes mounted on barges were used to deepen the barge landings. The spoils were loaded into more barges and hauled somewhere unknown to me. All interesting to watch. Meantime the steelhead fish and salmon population is way down n.
  11. Wefalck, you should see some of the mountain valleys in Idaho where the dredges did there work. More than a hundred years ago now ,but one sees the huge piles of round boulders left by them.
  12. For the size of that boiler sure has a small fuel bunker. Must be a short haul loco for some special commodity.
  13. Was at the Docs for a diabetes check the other day. Was complaining about my feet always being cold. She said that's an easy one, just stand in the corner. Excuse me,I replied . She said you know, corners are always 90 degrees.
  14. Wiktor, I remember back in the 70s when the polish modelers took home all the prizes in international scale R/C models. Some great work then.
  15. Used to know a guy who built wonderful R/C planes on an ironing board in the kitchen of his small trailer.

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