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  1. I have bought Bits like Ron has pictured and found them to be sharp indeed, however they are very brittle and should only be used in a drill press and not free hand. Products may vary though.
  2. Absolutely brilliant in My book. Great colors and top notch figure work. Bill
  3. Going back a few pages to your discussion of "the Lords House" I think in the US it would be referred to as a Mansion,for instance the governors mansion or the lawyers mansion.
  4. whitejamest, I have a few 1x6x5ft that I could make some planks for you. I am a private individual with no commercial designs. Just helping out a fellow modeler. Tell me your dimensions and Ill see if I could make this happen. PM me please.
  5. Dont feel bad. I tried to eat a cookie from the plate on the counter,but got my hand slapped away and told NO, those are for the funeral.
  6. Hang in there Lou. Sounds like your condition is a little worse than you suggest. Just be sure to do what the docs tell you and google as much of your condition as you dare. Sometimes there is TMI plus you also have to winnow out the truth. Just beware of Bobs brand heart pills.😉 . Bill
  7. Sand down a sheet to 1mm then rip your strips from that. But being so thin you may be better off stripping them off with a knife and straight edge. Also depending on the species of wood.
  8. Thanks for the good wishes folks. I never have been much of a backpacker and I still can't play the violin. I try to make every build my best but sometimes my motivation slips a little.
  9. Not today but on Oct.1st I had a scheduled double bypass operation. I'm doing well now just a little weak. Need to get out to the shop and get a project going. One of those life experiences as one gets older I guess. Still have a few projects left in me.
  10. In the states Basswood can also be had in the JoAnn fabric stores and at Michaels craft stores.
  11. The actual ship must've looked like a rag floating on the water with all that rope work. It would be a very flexible hull. Oh well beats swimming I guess. Nice work by the way. My remark is one of imagining the real ship as portrayed by your excellent model.
  12. When I was a young modeler I thought "there must be a bunch of tricks to make things easier to do to get those kind of results" as I've gotten older I realized that while there are a few things one can do, with ratlines you just have to tough it out. Its what makes these fine models valuable.
  13. I have a hardback copy of Wolfram zu Mondfelds book Historic Ship Models for $15 , and a Paper back copy of C.G. Davis' book The Ship modelers assistant for $10. Please PM me. Postage paid BTW
  14. Huh,,,,,first time Ive seen this method of representing coppering. I will have to keep track of this build. Keep up the good work.
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