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  1. I think an approximation is the best you can hope for. Too many factors involved with getting the right color. You can take a color sample in to the paint store and match it there with the color swatches. But when you take it outside it may look totally different in the sunlight. Best try to replicate the look under which the colors will be displayed.
  2. Hey Per,Glad you are liking the "west side". Goodluck on getting settled in. Bill
  3. Lou, are you saying the Museum of flight has a branch in Everrett.?
  4. Hey Lou, Does Paul Allens FHC have a flying Huey? Have you been down there. Nice collection. I'm pretty sure Ill be there next Friday as I'm going to the big Train show in Monroe anad I want to show my friend FHC.
  5. I will say that the area that you need to bond toneeds to be roughed up. Perhaps one of those diamond rifflers that you can get from Micr-Mark will do the job. They can just do a narrow area if that's all you need. Might wanna mask off the area to be glued to. Just use titebond or similar PVA.
  6. Good luck on that kit. I bought one about 50 yrs ago and promptly gave up on it as I was so inexperienced at the time. I still have the green cardboard thread holder in my collection. Will love to see one finished.
  7. I'm seconding what all the others have said. Great weathering too BTW. I served on the Intrepid for 9 months and your coloring is spot on.
  8. Not only the ship model kits. My cousin ordered shoes online from a Chinese company and they were BAD. Cheap materials and workmanship and not like the ads pictured. Sad.
  9. So, in a reversal of winter weather events, We here in Lewiston ID just across the Southeastern Washington State line had an unofficial High of 50F. along with that a lot of rain. Did yardwork all Monday morning till it started raining after lunch. One thing about driving when its 30 below is that snowpack is not very slippery. Fairly safe to drive on if you don't over brake.
  10. I used to drive a city snow plow. If I caught owners shoveling I would ask "is this enough ? Or should I make another pass. In this town, Lewiston Id ,Its technically illegal to push the berm back into the street. Would be nearly impossible to avoid putting that snow in your driveways and get the street clean. Best tactic is to move the berm in your driveway to the downstream side. That will cause the plows to carry the snow away.
  11. Lou, glad to see the weather has broken over your way. Snowed about an inch last night and cooled off to +20F. Nothing like Edmonton is getting. Michae,l I know what you mean, when I was in my 20s I worked at a gas station in Anchorage. It had been 50 below for a couple weeks and when it warmed up to 10 below everybody had to take off a layer.
  12. Well I bet Imagnas snow status has changed. My daughter works for sno homish pud in Monroe and the folks east of her are getting hammered on up to Stevens pass.Road is closed and the villages up along hiway 2 are running out of fuel and firewood etc. No gas cause the stations don't have generators and stuff like that. Michael, I used to feed my uncles cows in the winter in the late 60s and it was that cold then. Not fun to be out in but the cows appreciated the water and feed. They can survive amazing cold if they have feed and water. Weather here has been up to 40 F today rain anad more snow are expected tonite.
  13. Its only 32F here in Lewiston Idaho. However we got 4.8 official inches of snow last night. A record amount for the date.
  14. You live in a beautiful place John. Been through there a few time on my way to Shelby which is not so beautiful.
  15. By contrast,we here in North central Idaho,south eastern WA. had a relatively fire free summer and a mild winter so far. Was actually 50 F yesterday and sunny with a breezes. You guys in Australia take care.Although we are 400 miles from the coast our weather is greatly affected by the ocean.

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