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  1. Wall paint is far too heavy bodied for model work. The pigment is too heavy and will cover any detail work. Acrylic craft paint will work but it too is heavy and the pigment isn't fine enough either. Vallejo acrylics are probably the best you can get these days.
  2. Never try to contact a dyslexic ghost with an Ouija board.
  3. Very nice ship model indeed. The mistakes you have worried about are only visible to you. This model is your reward for not giving up. I'd be very proud.
  4. reklein

    David Rice

    I have not heard anything. I still have contacts in Sitka so maybe I'll ask around on FB.
  5. I heard there was a sale down at the Lego store. So I went and people were lined up for blocks.
  6. I'm not a big fan of 5 minute gorilla glue epoxy. Hard to use the double syringe thing,and the glue doesn't set near as quicly as its advertised to. I guess I prefer Locktites I think it it in separate tubes, Back in the 80s and 90s when I was build R/C planes I used a different brand that I was really happy with but cant find it in the hobby shops any longer,and I can't remember the name .
  7. I'd use a fine brass pin with a head already formed on one end. Insert the pin and then flatten the other end by squeezing it in a hefty pair of pliers till it flattens a little. Then orient the part so the flat side is out of sight if possible. Good luck.
  8. Reaaly outstanding project. Nothing else to add really since you've shown us "how its done". Thankyou
  9. Even out here in the flyover state of Idaho I noticed there hasn't seemed to be a slow down at the big boxes. Whole families with 5-6 kids going into the stores,no masks no nothing. I had a couple trips to make and always wear a mask in the stores. Even the senior hours at the grocery store have kids coming in . We have about 75 case here in the county with no new ones for a few days, The reservation 10 miles east of town has had an outbreak of about 10 people but I guess the have a handle on that now. Tough,unpredictable times. Stay safe folks.
  10. Dave, REAL challenge mix the pieces of all seven of your 1000 piece puzzles together and assemble just one puzzle from them. HEE HEE
  11. There was a young man from Nantucket who confused limericks with Haiku
  12. I think any end grain joint with any glue should be pre glued so that the glue can penetrate, then a second application to finish the joint. I use a surplus computer fan on my bench to one side to blow fumes away from me when using CA. I rarely apply thin CA directly from the bottle but dip an applicator on a little puddle of glue. DO NOT keep the little puddle under your nose on the bench. I always tap the glue bottle after using to settle any glue left in the nozzle down to the neck. Helps prevent plugs. I use accelerator a lot but I don't use the sprayer. I keep the sprayer loose in the bottle and use the tube as an applicator for just a drop on the joint. I have blocks of wood with holes drilled to accommodate the glue and accelerator bottles from tipping over.
  13. The song "Sweet Caroline" reportedly banned during quarantine, No reaching out,touching you ,touching me.
  14. Never mind the controversy, your weathering is logical and realistic. A good background would make it difficult to tell if it were real or not. Besides there is almost no one alive today who knows or remembers what they actually looked like. Greta Job!

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