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  1. Amazing crisp build! This is a winner for only your second ship. Keep up the good work. I'll try to keep track of this one.
  2. Nice work on the Hearse Kevin. Its a little unusual for these to be modeled but nonetheless they are quite common in the museums that deal with carriages and old cars at least across the the west. Cardston AB has a world class carriage museum. If Canada ever opens up I would recommend you visit there. Its close to GLacier park in the US anad the Waterton park and Banff in Canada. I'd recommend the Breyer horse too. They aren't quite so wild looking as the Lindberg ones. You want something quiet and dignified for a person's last ride.
  3. The white flecks in the wood may indicate teak. As it is known to have flecks of calcium imbedded in the wood. This also makes it hard on woodworking tool edges. Luan is used on certain types of ply for floor underlayment as it is knot free so will avoid dents in the floor.
  4. Was all peace and quiet last night in the neighborhood where I live.. The wife was out at a park with the dog and it was quiet there too. With the drought and high temps the fire danger is high. Its too bad in away.
  5. Big portable hiway sign when you enter town after the bridge that says FIRE WORKS BANNED. The city of Clarkston WA across the bridge is still gonna have their professional show starting at 10 PM tomorrow night. We've already had one good fire in town but it was mostly on an uninhabited hillside. Took em about six hours to put out though.
  6. A rule of thumb is three teeth on the thickness of cut. To few and there will be tear out,too fine and the blade won't be able to remove the sawdust quickly enough and binding may result. For your thicknesses Olson makes a crown tooth blade that cuts cleanly on both surfaces of the wood.
  7. Its so hot out here a guy in Vancouver WA reported he saw two Hobbits carrying a ring up Mount Saint Helens.
  8. I think a flame war has already started here in north central Idaho. It hit 115 F today. The local news has said that fireworks and open fires are banned for the fourth. Even the fireworks venders are trying to be understanding. In the meantime I'm working on the air wings for my 1-350 Intrepid. A ship I served on in 1966.
  9. I got lucky and went on a safari a few years back. As we were walking through the jungle I saw a lizard standing on his hind legs and telling jokes. Bear with me here. I asked the guide "what kind of lizard is that". He says" oh that's not a lizard, that's a standup chameleon."
  10. Now that I think about it I saw a guy here who turned a big Grizzly brand drill press into a lathe by laying it on its side. He was turning real wooden wagon hubs. Theres more to this story but I'll leave it at that.
  11. Good thread I always wondered why you cant mill with a drill press. Now I know. I've had enough working with a drill press to know what you guys are talking about. I also know you need some fast RPMs to mill wood cleanly. So anyway. Thanks for the info.
  12. awright awright I get it. But it was funny right?
  13. initially you need to find a freind with a bandsaw to cut up your big beam into workable size pieces. maybe buck it into 2 5' long and then slice the wood into 1'' planks. Maybe leave one piece as a block in case you want to carve something. I had some 4'x8' red cedar that I carved into some very handsome native half model canoes. Then with your one inch planks go down to your modeling sized planks. After each slice with the bandsaw Id run the rough cut board over a planer to get one good flat side to work from. Also plane your stock block each time for the same purpose. After doing all this sawing you find out why precut modeling wood is so expensive. Cut you modeling planks from the one inch planks through the one inch thickness. You probably dont need Thin sheets. I'll try to get on here later with some picks. You have a very valuable piece of wood there my freind. How did you come by a piece of wood like that?
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