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  1. That looks like it will work fine. I bought a pack of N-95s about 3 weeks ago. Good thing I did too as I've been power carving basswood which is really dusty. Also I gave two to some friends who have been cleaning out an old house and a shop that were mouse infested. You can geet the Hanta virus from mouse waste. Anyway good on your wife. I see mostly women doing this around the country where they can get the material. Bill
  2. Nice little Titanic build there. I built a 53 inch R/C Titanic back in the 90s. I sailed it one or two times then took the radio gear out as it was not a very stable ship,despite 8= pounds of ballast in her. As I built it for a friend I don't have it anymore. The plans were from France I believe.
  3. Glad to see that you're back in the game.
  4. My opinion is if you personally did the computer drafting and transferred it to your printer with all the interim procedures included then it is an authentic model or models. Also true if you 3D printed detail parts for a model that you built of other materials. If you are doing this for contests then all of what you've done must be stated. My opinion.
  5. Somebody say leeches? Made this box a few days back and it needed something.
  6. I'm sorry to hear this news Dan. You HAVE been an inspiration to the rest of us.
  7. Watching sheep shering will be a great experience. Keep in mind that while it may seem a rough way to handle animals its far more inhumane to NOT shear them. be sure to try not to fall asleep.
  8. You might try a business that makes sports trophies for custom engraving.
  9. Sounds like a great afternoon. Is there a date set for the keelhaul and Lashing?
  10. I think an approximation is the best you can hope for. Too many factors involved with getting the right color. You can take a color sample in to the paint store and match it there with the color swatches. But when you take it outside it may look totally different in the sunlight. Best try to replicate the look under which the colors will be displayed.
  11. Hey Per,Glad you are liking the "west side". Goodluck on getting settled in. Bill
  12. Lou, are you saying the Museum of flight has a branch in Everrett.?
  13. Hey Lou, Does Paul Allens FHC have a flying Huey? Have you been down there. Nice collection. I'm pretty sure Ill be there next Friday as I'm going to the big Train show in Monroe anad I want to show my friend FHC.
  14. I will say that the area that you need to bond toneeds to be roughed up. Perhaps one of those diamond rifflers that you can get from Micr-Mark will do the job. They can just do a narrow area if that's all you need. Might wanna mask off the area to be glued to. Just use titebond or similar PVA.
  15. Good luck on that kit. I bought one about 50 yrs ago and promptly gave up on it as I was so inexperienced at the time. I still have the green cardboard thread holder in my collection. Will love to see one finished.

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