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  1. Ted, for some good views just do a search on Bing for Bismarck drydock and you'll find all sorts of pics. I'm doing a 1/192 Missouri and found thast Bing is a great source of pics. Bill
  2. In a way the figuring out what to cook thing is not so funny. Didn't seem to have that problem. Nowadays I'm trying to downsize my estate and No that doesn't mean I'm going from 1/200 to 1/350. Would just like to make it easier on my wife and kids to unload my estate.
  3. While on the subject of weather,I read that by law in Sweden you have to turn on your headlights when its raining.... How in the hell am I supposed to know when its raining in Sweden.
  5. Yesterday I built props struts from laminated styrene. A little wonky but it'll do. Truly scratch built. Next the props and shafts. All from styrene. Stay tuned.
  6. Yes my mistake was to use the heavier cloth available. I used to know that 40 years ago when I was building RC. Its just gonna have to do. I bought the Trumpeter HMS Hood for my next big project so No worries. Thanks for the shots. Bill
  7. I decided to build for static display. The hull was really tough to get finished properly and still isn't really up to snuff. Its just one step above scratch building. I almost trashed it out and build a new hull bread and butter style. All the superstructure is built up ply and balsa along with the main gun houses. the 5" mounts are balsa blocks. We'll see how this goes. I have the 40s and oerlikons built so now I have to press on. Next is prop shafts and mounts. then decks and real paint.
  8. Well here we are Four coats of rustoleum prime and still lumpy,but it doesn't look too bad in the photo so I guess it wil have to do.
  9. Thanks OC I will check out that site. I have been doing some internet research on the Hood Bismarck battle. Very interesting. Events that occured just before I was born. I'm sorta disappointed in the instructions. Not a word about the history and the parts are only numbered. No way to tell or learn about what you are installing on the model. I learned so much from my younger days in plastics by knowing the parts names. Haze Grey, Yes the model is big. When I tried to order it from MegaHobby they said it was OOS and would I like to be notified. I said yes and they did and I got it in about two weeks. Must have been waiting offshore near LA. Then FedEx chased it around the country and finally delivered it to a neighbor three blocks away but with the same house number. We just happened to know each other and she called me to come and get it. Lucky in that respect. I guess the next step is to have a box opening. My freind just got a 1/200 Bismarck and we are going to try to build simultaneously. Should be fun this winter.
  10. I finally found a 1/200 HMS HOOD and it arrived today. Got it from Megahobby after a tussle with Fed Ex. Will start building it in a few weeks. Will do a build log if folks want.
  11. Very interesting thread. I'm happy you got a great deal on this.
  12. I'll have to say that from the beginning the MM sander did not have much power. It would barely take off a 64th at a pass. I'm thinking about removeing the driven pulley aand chucking up the shaft in my 3/8th Ridgid Drill motor. All kinds of Ideas about getting a free sander outta the deal. Oops didn't see that no free lunch statement. Bill
  13. To be sure the Micro Mark motor is DC, not sure about the voltage. Its 150 watts,1.8 amp and 4000 rpm. It plugs in to 110V and powers the motor through a rectifier. Yes ,I do have a lathe and have just reviewed an article that describes turning it into a thickness sander. I've also seen articles turning ones drill press into a vertical thickness sander. So theres all sots of ways to go with this. I also have the tools to make this happen. So we will see what comes of this. Thanks all for your input. Bill
  14. Jaeger,I think you are right . I couldn't get signed into Ali baba the company that supposedly deals in those motor. Grizzly has a little lathe with that motor but their tech support won't answer the phone. Its just been a cluster all 'round. So if I want another I guess I'll have to go the byrnes route. I know his rep is impeccable. Its just I'v had some unexpected expensive hobby expenses. We should probably go to PM if we talk more about this but it may have interest for someone looking for something similar. Bill
  15. I think I found a replacement motor. Using the mysterious letters ZYT I discovered its a Chinese electronics company associated with Ali Baba. I found the motor with the same specs in their online catalog,so I will try to order today. Will be interesting to see what happens. Not cheap at $135 plus shipping.
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