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  1. Yup ! did not do it myself as don't have time to sort out a nasty one !
  2. Actually if you go to the book (post 21074) , An epitome, historical and statistical, descriptive of the Royal naval service of England, its viewable in google books , the boat name is shown against the illustration on page 74 . It's also on the NMM website.
  3. The £M1 grant will keep her safe for a little longer but it is the £M12 lottery grant we need for the full restoration. Keep fingers crossed.
  4. Sorry Guys things moved on with such alacrity I though confirmation was granted. But yes, along with her sisters Ehrenfels (who was transmitting intelligence on British shipping from a neutral harbour) and Braunfels, Drachenfels were the last Axis ships to be sunk by an English cavalry unit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcutta_Light_Horse If you can find a copy of James Lessor's book "Boarding Party, The Last action of the Calcutta Light Horse" do please read it . It really shows how ordinary people put in extraordinary situations achieved the unbelievable during WWII.
  5. Thanks David . Here is my next mystery ship, has history.
  6. OK I'll try USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg (T-AGM-10)
  7. Correct was the President Grant , afterwards the Republic.
  8. Nasty feeling it's the S.T.C***o back again
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