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  1. Good morning everyone not much of an update, but all four sails are now attached, hope to have then fully rigged within the next day and still on track to complete her this week will be nice to get on with another project (Amerigo Vespucci) but will miss this as it was something very different for me
  2. good evening everyone the after sail placement was easier than the main, in the end i removed the standing rigging and took the mast back out to fit, lines are now being reattached, and i am pleased the way she is going the two forward sails are 5-% complete and hopefully will also be on within a few days lovely nice day here so out in the sunshine for a couple of shots
  3. i try to learn something new everyday, shame i missed the idea for 60 years of my life i have never heard of the diagonal under decking
  4. good evening @Jim Lad lol she is not going to let me forget that she helped me tonight i managed to get the bottom of the after sail fixed to the trolley and put on a bolt rope, and for tonight just temp put it in place, im quite pleased the way it is turning out i think the sails could do with cleaning up a bit, like removing the pencil marks
  5. good afternoon everyone sails the supplied material is washed in 70/30 water pva mixture and allowed to dry, this stops the material fraying cutting the material to the 1/1 plans and drawing the seam lines in, these lines were then sewn over by the admiral, reinforcing strips added i have done both sides
  6. good evening everyone took the build outside to get some better photos, and of course the wheelie bin, which i think has been in every log, but very windy here today and the build is very light, the standing rigging continues
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