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  1. Good evening everyone thank you for the comments and likes my test piece continues to be worked on, the tide line is pva glue fine gritty sand and various washes and acrylics please tell me what you think ( and be honest) if you make me cry with negative remarks, no one will see the tears lol
  2. good evening everyone, from a lovely locked in, self isolating Somerset, i dont have the plague, just retired and enjoying being at home, hope everyone one id safe and well out there well i now have the pier frame work made up, i will need to cut some bits out, as it will form the support for the build, and contain the electrics, forgot the photo, but what was there before, now has a top to form the jetty deck, thid is it the whole unit will be covered in plasterboard, lighter materials are available in the shops, but i dont have any, and the shops are shut, this has been cut into small sections, although i cannot remember why, the top paper removed (very messy) and brick work cut in (even messier) the board was then sprayed in grey primer as i was going to use acrylics with lots of dry brushing the primer would also keep the dust down and act as the base colour for the grouting after quite a few hours experimenting with different stone effects, some worked better than others, then i made a mistake, well accident, and spilt some wash which i was using to tone down the grouting, and the result was better than anything i had done so here are a few photos. still very much WIP
  3. Good evening Everyone The top of the wooden jetty is complete (when i say complete, it means lots more still to do) i now have 4 feet of stone jetty to think about, the pier legs are not secured, as i dont have a definite height yet
  4. yet again the memories of the ballast/ fuel tanks came flooding back (see what i did there) on the 1960 RN diesel boats numbers 3 and 5 ballast tanks served this purpose, giving a fuel capacity of 99,000 gallons of diesoil, enough to go around the world the fuel was taken from the top of the tank, and went to the engines via seperators
  5. yes i will stagger the rails, i should have enough to go the 6 foot required, i was going to spray grey with silver dry-brushing, with a grime wash over the bottom of the rail and get a polish finish on top
  6. good evening everyone i will move the boat in the morning for a photo shoot to show better what is is all about, but today has been continuing the wood pier / jetty i dont want a pristine looking area, i want it to looked work and battered, here is the start
  7. TY Jon, i am getting some negative comments from other place i use, so i need to show better what i am trying to achieve, LOL i need to work on smaller scales
  8. Good evening everyone taking advice, i have scaled the plans back, what i am aiming for now is just a harbour wall with a wooden jettey, this will serve as another point of interest and as a stand, there will be no water, or beach the white unit will be used as a prop for now, and serves as a guide for height and width for the wooded jetty which is being built first, it will stand above the height of the build(as if the tide was out and the end of a jetty train track way the boat reminds just how much work i have myself in for practising wood effects on balsa, sprayed black with brown drybrushing and getting an effect i like using a wire brush before paint jetty platform.is quite big track base going in, this is from the trumpeter BR52 war train i was building the sleepers were treated the same as the balsa tonight the track bed is laid, the other side although will be a working jetty i want it to be a lot cleaner as she stands tonight
  9. agreed, and thats one of the reasons i keep having to have a reality check, trains wagons and btuilds have been removed from the list today my wife would just like to see a jetty down the back and one side, with a unloading scenario being undertaken
  10. good evening everyone i have just created a new thread wrt a diorama setting for this build https://modelshipworld.com/topic/23648-132-diorama-for-my-fishing-vessel-st-nectan/
  11. Good evening everyone some of you may know that i have this build going on, but as part of the build i want to put her into a fishing dock diorama i would like to use this thread to test ideas, and get new ones, at 1/32 i will have a board that at present that is 7'x2', and will grow a bit at the end of the project this is what the ship should look like and at present mine looks like this my idea (i have plenty) needs reeling in occasionally as it keeps getting out of hand at present i want to put the build in a harbour setting, with the tide out, reason for this is to enable being able to see the jetty, and i dont know how to do water, plus it is to large an area to do tied up alongside a wooden jetty, the jetty will run along 2 sides with scope for plenty of detail, and have a project that may never finish here are some photos where at present some of my ideas are coming from these are not my photo's today, i built up a temporary base to enable sizing everything up, i will post more photos when this is in place
  12. Mountfleet St Nectan 1/32 to big for one decent photo, but all the work completed is at the stern

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