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  1. Thank you @Tankerman i have actually drawn the line at 7.2mm so i will go just a little deeper tomorrow, it was very handy having the laser etched cannon template handy, otherwise i could have been in a right mess tonight
  2. thank you been getting dark over here much earlier, and the flash is kicking in, mading the wood appear quite washed out, not had many outside photos of this build, but this is one of them, i did go for the cheaper option, and maybe there is a more of a mismatch in wood colours, BUT, i also never expected it to come together like it has, so im more than happy
  3. good evening everyone day 23 transom timbers fitted the last frame (57) caused me a bit of trouble, it is wider than the jig, so was lifting the keel away from the jig base, im glad i spotted it before fixing the stern timbers in, all i had to do was fair them off roughly and it dropped back into place the timbers themselves all fitted exactly as per the instructions, and i also pinned them into position what is the proper name for the stern timbers? sorted nearely made a big mistake tonight and put the deck mounts in th
  4. Good afternoon everyone day 22 hawse timbers fitted thank you for comments and likes i would like to think im getting better at the wooden kit building, or the quality of the kit is, lol must be the latter thats the hawse timbers in, although i needed to remove a bit of wood
  5. at wood supplied by @cafmodel is very good, once the Char is removed it needs nothing else doing to it, other than the bevel, which is marked where required. however i have not bevelled mine, i will use the marks as reference when the time of sanding arrives
  6. Thank you OC, hows family, i will look in on you log in the morning, im struggling to stay awake tonight,
  7. good evening everyone Day 21 last of the cants been a quite week, lots of things happening, and not a lot of boat building, but today the last of the stern cants were put in, that leave the hawse timbers and stern timbers, Parts 2 and 3 arrived and i will show photos at a later date
  8. yipeeeeeee parts 2&3 are in the UK, been stuck in Holland for over 24 hours, Presently at Castle Donington
  9. Welcome to MSW and good luck on the builds, i enjoyed my Victory build, as with many others, so there is a lot of advice around the site
  10. just catching up, glad your feeling better looking through your log, i love your work, lol i was trying to read the writing under your last build photos
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