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  1. i tried to tell my my a joke a man goes to play golf the wife interrupts and quotes "But mangos dont play golf"
  2. i have just had the same issue with the transom timbers, a 1/48 build does not like being moved around
  3. Good evening everyone after a few good days on the build, yesterday i went backwards, the fwd mast step went into the wrong position and set before i realised, and then i varnished the internal decking with the wrong varnish, i was gutted, i dont even know how i allowed myself to do it today was much better the fwd mast step was salvaged, and although it might be a couple mm more fwd than it should be im pleased with it the two decks line up with it, and i seam to have plenty of room to put the number 1 deck beam in and the breast hook (please correct me if im wrong) nothing i can do with the varnish, oh hum (another monster) tomorrow i will cleam up all the forward frames so they look better in the photo's
  4. thank you for posting that, a great review, and well done @chris watton
  5. Good evening today the planking between the two decks was sorted, this should be ready tomorrow, when the excess fine filler on the simulated fixings has beeb wiped away, then i have to decide whats next
  6. agred, its the last two sub frames numbers 59 and 60 i put them in the wrong way round after shaping them, even now they dont look right
  7. good evening everyone plans were to continue with the internal planking, But i very quickly realised i need to do the transom, i rebuilt the after part of the building cradle, and ensured everything was still lined up i have messed the last two frames up, but for now i am going with it, and regret later not sorting it now
  8. i am aware that there is no masting kit for this, but i dont see any slots in the keel to take one if you went that way and did your own
  9. good afternoon everyone for a few months now, reluctant at the start, i knew i had to return to this build, a few of my followers know the reason why. but having got over that i have my build back on the table my next step was how to proceed, i used the main deck (for some unknown reason) in the lower position and had to order a replacement from CAF in china, i should have just used some cherry and made horizontal deck beams, but was worried i would not get the internal bulkheads height right, then i was concerned that fixing the lower deck beams in would hinder the top ones going in if they were not quite in the correct position, if placed the to far fwd or aft Anyway i have been setting up the replacement beams and everything lines up (im totally amazed) only because my photo' make the hull look like a two year old had made it with that hurdle out of the way, i am now going to plank the rest of the inner hull new upper beams being test fitted, they were then taken out now going to continue planking inside the hull
  10. you might not have enough info in the photo to plan a build i can point you in the right place to see how it is done though Build logs for SCRATCH projects - by era - launch date - Model Ship World™
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