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  1. good evening everyone day 8 the work continues, at a quess i would think at about 150 to 200 bricks a day
  2. very nice indeed, well stuck on otherwise they would fall off being upside down,
  3. i am still finding a way the suits my style of building, unfortunately i am perhaps trying to hard, and sanding every other level flat. so i am getting a dressed brick effect also i dont quite understand the scales used on the kits, my bridge is 1/350 the castles i have for Christmas are 1/135 i think but still use the same size bricks 5x5mm maybe my style of building suits the smaller scale
  4. the card alone is good quality, and makes a decent solid model, the bricks make it earth quake proof
  5. good evening eveyone Day 4 and 5 Bridge the reason starting this, was so that the admiral could have something on the shelf, started and completed, by me, very quickly we both realised this was not going to be a weekend job, so i put it to one side and built up a cheap lego kit, and thoroughly enjoyed it, with a couple 1000 pieces, took sat evening and Sunday to build up (about 8 hours), yep looks like a toy anyway having gained a bit of confidence over the last couple days, i started the bridge, and tonight have most of it done, i might be cleaning the piece
  6. Great fun, but oh so messy, the dust travels much further than the sawdust
  7. Thank you for your kind comments i have now put a link in, the reason for having not done so was because of the nature of MSW, and i never thought anyone would be interested, appears I am wrong again, LOL
  8. yes bob they are, and i have done very little if anything to them, the build is currently stored away for completion, along with with other projects,
  9. Good Morning Waitoa just been through your build, and i am learning by my mistakes just as you did, however a few of my mistakes could have been avoided by looking through the instructions, oh hum, a good example is the filing of each layer to keep a constant level, i am now doing that, but have more than one wall going on at the same time to allow more building, my success with corners is hit and miss, the 90 degree ones are not to bad, its the ones where cutting different angles is required loving your work
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