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  1. good evening everyone i have tried to get into a routine of doing something on any of my builds every day, its surprising what can be done in a couple of hours, and it is weening me off the PC (that can only be good) most of the big bits are now started, so at any time i can go from one piece to another most of the hedgehog launcher is done and protection screen NOT MY PHOTO wip on the engine room skylight and now the depth charge racks are on the go
  2. and another of my builds in progress this is HMS Bluebell from the 1/72 HMS Snowberry Revell kit with Great little ships PE upgrades
  3. good evening everyone, its me again back to the 2 pdr qf mk viii gun with bandstand i wasnt confident enough a few weeks ago to put this brass strip onto the platform, but as i feel my soldering has improved a little i attempted it this weekend, it is slightly off centre, but im happy with it the rivit belt was also added as was the the top ring, the photos are very glarey, and make it look far worse than it is two 2nd hand books and photo etch bits
  4. Two books for my corvette build, and some bits for the etch work
  5. coming up for 5 years since your last update, hope you and family are all well
  6. Good evening everyone whether it is right or wrong, yet again i find myself building the big bits, and yes even some of the kit is being used Funnel and mast the moulded banding is removed, as is the top spider the body is then covered from the PE set these two units are made up from the box more soldering poor photo, was there to show the ladder against the funnel 4" gun two shields are in the kit 1 suare the other curved, not know which im using yet so made them both the bandstand went together better and anticipated legs folded out wooden spoon to shape the ring edges tacked in numerous locations i decided to solder this first before adding, it actually worked ok, there is a ridge the disc sits in, so once in place it was just tacked again th and the wheely bin again
  7. good morning everyone Post birthday celebrations, and no alcohol involved Bridge supports two trpes are given in the etch set one of them for the Bluebell, there are a lot of choices to be made, and i can see it being easy to make a mistake the legs are braced from behind, a week ago this would have been a nightmare for me, but with the right flux and lower temp solder it is working for me centre braces fitted
  8. unfortunately the banned list continues to grow
  9. Sorry for the long time between posts, lol it takes ages to make something to show my biggest concern is the phots im posting make the build look very messy,(the brass is showing the stains for being handled), im sure i will find something to clean it up closer to being painted the bridge work continues i dont actually know the name for these panels, i quess it would be bridge wings, my soldering has greatly improved, but i still make the occasional mistake and still lots to learn also remounted the brackets for the gunmount platforms again sorry for the photos, i will need to rethink how to shoot something as bright as this is
  10. good morning everyone rebuilt the tower last night soldering is getting better compared to the last one
  11. im enjoying this build now its so nice to actually move the build out of the way rather then me have to move to do something i compared the two Bluebell v St Nectam 1/72 v 1/30
  12. thank you, they are better, they feel sturdier, but could be a better join all round, and some places could do with more tidying up,
  13. good evening everyone not much more i can do to the main deck for the time being, i will need to do some/lots of hull work before that will be put into position, at least for now it has something to sit on so its back to the bridge Bridge rework not so much re-work, but i bought a new set, i had to as the last one was never going to be presentable, however the bits will be kept for another project i have in mind although not perfect, i am much happier with the outcome, the radar tower is at present from the old set, as the replacement has to be remade, all in all a recovery, for me anyway

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