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  1. good evening everyone doors there was one one hinge supplied instead of 4, replacements come from the states, so i raided the wife dolls house spare parts found 4 and fitted, both doors open just handle to fit glazing a simple job, but rather than paint the glazing strips black i did them antique gold, it looks ok the very thin plastic film was protected in a p[plastic envelope, but for some reason it is marked by the outline of the photo etch decoration which was also in a plastic envelope - spooky, i did to clean it off somehow seat wasnt happy about just painting it brown, so i covered it in leatherette, then put a piping around it to hide the white edges, this them made it to wide for the kit supplied back rest so made one out of brass front suspension ongoing decoration is now on, just needs tidying up
  2. LOL My next door neighbour bought one after the other of a different make, before realising then had not turned the water on
  3. thanks for the comments guys, im not 100% convinced of any nags i have seen yet i have done a bit more on the build today, will update tomorrow, it might have cooled down by then, rain is forecast, my computer room is unbearable during this warm weather
  4. thank you Dennis, dont quite know how its going to be presented yet, the wife is contemplating turning one of her dolls houses (shop fronted), into a wagons for hire then i could just park it outside , i have another one arrive today
  5. good evening everyone build continues interior the rollers are 19mm long and wooden dowel is provided for that purpose, but i had some right dia plastic tubing, easier to cut, primed and sprayed with Ford antique gold rattle can paint the coffin rails are white metal stations with brass tubing slotted in-between, also in the kit rear wheel suspension was also made up, nothing of the metal bits has taken long to clean up
  6. good evening everyone warm here in the UK at present, and we aint used to it, so not much done to the build, the carriage has had a top coat, i will fine sand again and do again the wheels are made up but nothing is glued, so i will strip them down again and do a much better clean up job on them, they can then be filed to shape to get realistic looking spokes
  7. Good morning Grant, tell the truth, i had never heard of him, just looked at some of his wonderful work
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