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  1. Good evening @Yves before last summer it had been in the rubbish bin at least twice, but each time i had second thoughts
  2. Good evening everyone today the main parts of the bowsprit were made up, a 3mm block is required under the mast support to get the requited angle 33 degs i think
  3. good evening everyone mess about with the fore mast and getting some of the extra bits in place, plus more practice at soldering the radar cage is my design as a improvement over the kit and a bit of a copy of @schiffebastler, lol after all its his fault im doing all this extra work
  4. thank you Keith the wife dont like it lol and asked me to paint it green, as you can see in the next few pictures i ignored her
  5. available from that internet thingy for about that much
  6. good evening everyone its getting to the stage now where everything i do is being remade (hopefully better Foremast on the lower part of the mast there is a coller and 4 holes need to be drilled into it, and pintles inserted through which a wire hoop is fitted, this has hooks hanging from it an supports the cope coils from the pin rails (Just below the awning) this is the kit way i can do better i said the searchlight platform fitted the radar according to the kit is hung below main top in fact it is no
  7. Huge fire at boatyard as 'explosions' heard by residents with 100 firefighters at scene - Mirror Online
  8. i followed @gil middleton and his Victory build, he used tape, and made a fantastic job, i used tiles and made a pigs ear of it HMS Victory by gil middleton - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:72 - Page 2 - - Kit build logs for subjects built from 1751 - 1800 - Model Ship World™
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