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  1. Although I print 2 drawings,but I can't cut it in piece very accurate,because I am ueing a rollsaw.So I use an software to "cut" the drawings.
  2. Thank you !~Yes, I am in China.and you can call me "zhongYang". Thank you very much for your information,I will use the sandpaper to make it at 8mm and tapered as the drawing.
  3. Hello everyone!~ here is recent working BTW anyone can tell me the thickness of the "bobstay piece"and"ekeing"? Thanks
  4. Hello! my wood is ready ! here is the keel wood with sandpaper. after sanding today's work that is all~ I will do more tomorrow
  5. Hello, I am going to start my Triton made! First,I have downloaded the "TritonKeelPlan@48-1" and find a printshop to printed with "actual size" and this is the detail of the drawing print another drawing and cut down some piece carefully this is all I have done, my confusion is the keel wood's choice "Beech" or "Pear wood" Beech is bright and easy to cut Pear wood is hard and tough but more dark and red If decided which wood is more beautiful. I will cut some piece to start the making. What‘s your suggestion? sorry about my English.... ,can you read i
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