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  1. Thanks guys! Yea, I was browsing the web and came across a YouTube clip showing how to make these eyebolts from wire loop. That's pretty good. But I think I like Coxswain's idea of not using them at all. Atleast not on the Gun Deck. They won't show anyway. So, I think I'll just glue the gun carriages to the deck floor, and use wire loops on the Spars Deck. You guys are awesome. Thanx a bunch again.
  2. Gentlemen, I am working on a Revell 1:96 scaled plastic model kit of USS Constitution (Kit # 85-0398). Somehow, according to instruction manual, the number of eyebolts needed seem to be way more than what came in the kit. And then I lost a couple while trying to pick up with forceps. They just jumped out of the grip and evaporated in thin air. So, I was wondering if there was any place I could call and purchase a set/packet or something. They are soooo tiny !!! At one point I thought I would make some from the plastic sticks remained after I took out the real parts. But that would be too time consuming and not always accurate. I have already called Blue Jacket, but they only have brass fixtures. Revell is no help. They just washed their hands off it, saying that they are not processing any spare parts orders for "Old" plans from "Revell - US". I'd appreciate any suggestions.
  3. Thanks Jim, But what about the rudder though? I don't see any part in the whole set that looks like rudder assembly, except the left and right sides of the rudder. I can see where the tiller is supposed to be hooked inside the two sides of the rudder, but it doesn't catch in there.
  4. Gentlemen, I just picked up the Revell plastic model kit for USS Constitution 1:96 scale. I have never built a model ship before. Well, I did make a model sail ship from a snap on kit, less than half the size of USS Constitution, about 60 years ago. Anyway, so I have painted the holl, joined it, threaded the tiller through lower gun deck, painted the stern gallery, etc. in the same page 14 of the instruction manual, in step 5, there is an inset at lower bottom,showing how to install rudder on the hull. The picture shows a vertical shaft running through six Eye-bolts that the two sides of the rudder will wrap around. Here is my problem. The instructions do not say anything about how that shaft will be made and attached to the hull. No part numbers etc. If this was something that was already built on the hull, well I don't see it on mine. If I have to built it and attach it, then I could probably drill six holes in appropriate positions and put six eye-bolts in them, but what about the shaft that is going through the eyebolts. Second problem is that the tiller part # 12 has a hook that gets embedded at the top between the two sides of rudder (Parts # 9 and 10). The problem is that the dent inside the top of #9 fits the hook on tiller. The dent on the other side is not the same size. Is it by design? Or is it inaccurate moulding. So, how do I fix that. Is the rudder going to be stationary, or is it going to be able to swing by the Wheel. I am not picturing it. One more question. I don't really like the plastic shrouds and ratlines. If I wanted to rig my own with the threads, do I need to buy blocks and other hardware or I can still use the plastic ones and tie the shrouds to them. I will really appreciate the help. I am attaching the copy of the page landscape orientation). Thanx. Neil

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