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  1. Hi LB, best practice for those is to not use them anyway, they're overscale and too weak at the same time - try ages of sail https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/fittings/other-fittings/eyebolts/amati-eyepin-am4703.html these come in packs of 100 for about $3 and then there are the photo etched ones, you can get them from many places, and don't be afraid to use brass or copper ones, you can always chemically blacken or paint them. Many of the guys here use wire and just loop, bend and glue on the underside of the deck. Look at some of the plastic build logs here to get a lot of very good ideas, any of the Revell 1/96's or Heller 1/100's should be most applicable.........Steve M But don't let me tell you what to do - you da boss on your own ship, and looks like Gregory has a good lead! BTW - It really is all about the hokey pokey ;^)
  2. I've always wondered how well this kit could turn out - great job! The sails are very well done also!
  3. Very nice build - even the close-ups look great! Hat's off to you..........
  4. Before we moved to Kentucky we lived in the house my parents had bought just before I was born in '52. This is a link to the Google street view https://goo.gl/maps/hvbeRkCB6B22 To view it you might have to highlight the text, right click and click on "open link in new tab". It was built in 1918 and was moved to its present location by my parents in 1951 or thereabouts - the story goes that my dad traded a '49 Mercury for the lot and there were some homes for sale close by that were going to be moved or demolished as they were in the path of the San Bernardino freeway (US 10) that was then being constructed. They went to look at the homes and fell in love with this one as soon as they saw it - the agent said "Oh, you don't want that one, it needs too much work" but of course they bought it, and had it moved onto the lot. They told me it used to have an orange grove around it and also came with a two bay garage with an attached workshop that was also moved onto the lot. I don't believe there were any historical events/owners associated with it, although I haven't searched for any. An interesting side note, the skip sheathing for the roof consists of several different colors of boards that look like they were salvaged siding from other homes and on one of them is written in chalk "hecho por mi mano 1918" (made by my hand). My parents had a concrete foundation poured for it, removed the wooden front porch in favor of a new concrete one and completely remodeled the kitchen in early 50's "cinderella" fashion. The light fixtures had pushbutton plates on the walls and separate switches on each light bulb hanging from the fixtures. Pipes for the old radiator style heaters were still under the house and more pipes were in the attic, possibly for gas lighting? Another thing that my parents did was have the brick front of the fireplace redone - the man who did it also did the brickwork for the Magic Lamp Inn on route 66 in Rancho Cucamonga. Out of 10 children my parents had, three of us were brought home from the hospital to this house. All four of my children were brought home to this house and my younger daughter says "It's the house that built me". I will try to upload some pictures another time when I'm at home - thanks for letting me ramble.............Steve M
  5. Impressive, Mr. Voss! Get yourself an extra ration of grog.........don't skimp on the pics, either you've done more in the last few hours than I've done in the last ten years! Steve M
  6. Thanks so much for sharing this with us here at MSW - I've always wondered how this kit would build up and you've done it justice, and to think in only two years' time as well! Do you have any future builds in the works? Steve M
  7. Wow!! Clean, Sharp, Smooth and quite a few others are words one can use to describe this work!! Steve M...........
  8. Great job on a difficult kit - sharp details!!
  9. Simply awesome.........this is what separates the men from the boys - I'm definitely of the latter! 👍
  10. That barrel is awesome - just jumps out at me!
  11. Awesome job Pete - as usual! Your work is an inspiration - love the colors you chose and the different shades of deck planks, too - thanks again for sharing!! Steve M
  12. Hi John - check from our own MSW https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/forum/28-card-and-paper-models/ and be sure to check some of the build logs - also, you may be able to troll the Ebay listings in plastic for something............Steve
  13. Driving to work at 5 am in a small town, NO traffic and all the lights turn red just as I get to them 😠 and a variation of the angle parkers - when I go to a shopping place with a large lot I will park in ONE spot waaay in the back then when done shopping some idiot with a rusty beater car will have parked next to me.............

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