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  1. Beautiful aging effect on those copper plates, LF!
  2. Yeah, right!! That spot is either the biggest distraction or the biggest inspiration........green with envy......
  3. Then there's Clearman's Galley restaurant in Rosemead, I've eaten there a few times over the years - for a while it was closed and some were afraid it would be sold/and/or torn down, but it appears to have been completely refurbished. When I was last there the shopping center - owned by Clearman's - was very run down. They have some pretty decent ship models in cases and the outer ship is reported to have been a mail ship at one time - the last time I ate there customers would walk through the ship to order from the staff and then sit down in the main building to eat. Very good food........
  4. Then I found this.......... it's dated 2019 and it's been at least slightly cleaned up and painted - I wonder if the owner is still alive and what happened to all the rest of the nautical items?
  5. Looking at the topic "Unusual Ship Models" jogged my faded memory banks to think of a few unusual sights from my SoCal days, so I decided to look them up and was pleasantly surprised to find that they still existed, although they didn't fit the 'model' descriptor, being actual boats/ships - at least at one time! I thought this might inspire some of the members to post some of their local examples of marine restaurants, homes, et al - floating or otherwise..........presented for your entertainment - this first one I remembered from the ~ 70's was in much better shape and more organized at the time - being only about 1/4 mile from my Pomona house it was years before I found out about it. Obviously the man needs help with it - much deferred maintenance, and if there ever was an admiral, she's long sailed for fairer shores, but this video is dated from 2011.......BTW, it's about 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean
  6. Welcome Sundt - I've always been intrigued by these big Colin Archer kits - will you be sailing it or just static? Steve M
  7. You're doing a great job on this George - just like your Sovereign - I tackled these kits in the 60's, but not with the maturity or results you achieve - good to see them getting justice! Steve M
  8. Topnotch, Richard! Stands up to the close-up test!
  9. Just a guess, but I would try a two part epoxy - worked very well on an outdoors project I had with plastic and metal............there should be a lot of people that know more than I..........Steve M
  10. A movie without a soundtrack is not nearly the movie it COULD be, whether it's pop, classical or something avant garde such as Tarantino's offerings. I used to have a CD set that was titled music at the movies - a whole set of music, mostly classical from various movies. Two of my favorites are the movie Excalibur's "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff, and who can forget Apocalypse Now's "Ride of the Valkyries"! The music plays as much or more a part than any character, whether in the background setting and amplifying the mood, or in the forefront, where the action is choreographed to it, as in Dave's Punisher example. I would highly recommend reading "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene. One of my biggest take-aways from it was that we are all made of impossibly small strings vibrating at impossibly high frequencies - a veritable cosmic symphony, with everyone playing a different set of tunes............of course it's all theory...........Steve M
  11. You've taken on three big jobs there, LF, I applaud your work ethic! Your video looks great, BTW - thanks for taking the time to share all this, and I agree with your assessment of the kits. Steve M.
  12. They do look very nice, and they come with photo etch gun tracks to replace what you scrape off the kit deck to install them - I especially like the different color strips representing the planks, not just one monotone color. Here is a YT video review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWCeLakDC1E and another deck worth considering is the HIS Model version - this link shows the different items they have available specifically for the Alabama, which includes pre-sewn sails among other things https://www.hismodel.com/articles-category-13 one thing you might notice is that their decks include treenail detail. I've been meaning to order one for a side-by-side comparison......Steve M
  13. Having had a few of both of these I googled "Revell CSS Alabama vs Kearsarge" and got a few good hits. This one at the Steel Navy website is about the best and shows references for their conclusions http://www.steelnavy.com/Alabama&Kearsarge.htm I purchased the CI stuff and Scale Decks, someday might even open the box......... although that's against my rules - well, I meant to post this on Jonathan's Alabama log - sorry, but you guys brought it up! Steve M
  14. I can't really tell, but given the scale of your ship (1:61) and the average size of men back then (66") he should be about 1.1 inches in height, if that helps at all.........Chris Watton may be making some figures in 1:64 that also might be suitable for your purposes......You're doing a great job so far, BTW! Steve M

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