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  1. The kit is from Trumpeter. Overall, I found it to be a disappointing kit with many out of scale and/or poorly molded parts. Many of the parts did not fit together well. No photo-etched brass fret was included with the kit. I improved the kit by customizing it with the following: Black Cat Model's 1943 Square Bridge Fletcher detail set. This set provides all the weapons, directors, whale boats, rafts and a multitude of small fittings. 3D-printed smokestacks from Shapeways.com. 3D-printed CIC, bridge deck and pilot house from Model-Monkey.com. Th
  2. My thanks to all of you for your posts. Most encouraging!
  3. The basic kit is from Trumpeter. I customized it using the following: Eduard photo-etch Black Cat Model's 20mm, 40mm and 3"/50 cal anti-aircraft guns Miscellaneous fittings from Black Cat Models Master Model's 14-inch gun barrels Master Model's whip antennas North Star Model's floater nets Radars from Infini Model's USN World War II radar set Kingfisher floatplanes from L'Arsenal I painted the ship as she appeared during Operation Overlord with the Measure 22 schema. Measure 22 used Navy blue low on the hull, below
  4. Great job! A lot of love and skill in that model.
  5. For my next project I built the U.S.S. Alaska (CB-1) in 1/350 scale. While the Alaska and her sister ship, U.S.S. Guam, did not have distinguished histories, they are elegant and interesting ships. I found the Hobby Boss kit to be of excellent quality with clear instructions. The photo-etched brass parts are well done. I believe the kit would deliver an excellent model straight out of the box. None the less, I decided to customize the kit with the following: · Infini Model’s Brass mast kit · Blue Ridge Model’s 3D printed plastic 20mm Oer
  6. I had been a dedicated modeler from the age of six and got away from the craft by the time I finished college. After retiring in 2017, I wanted to try my hand again. I chose the Italeri Vosper MTB in 1/35 scale because it looked complex enough to keep me interested and I had never worked with photo-etched parts. Nor had I picked up an airbrush since 1974. I enjoyed the build and not too surprisingly, I was hooked on modeling again!
  7. As my second post retirement project, I chose to build USS Truxtun (CGN-35). Truxtun is near and dear to me--I served on her from October 1979 to August 1982 as a Combat Systems Officer. I customized the Iron Shipwright's resin kit by using the following add ons: One 5-54 Mark 42 gun mount (3D printed plastic) Mark 10 standard missile launcher with SM-2ER missiles (3D printed plastic) Two AN/SPG-55B missile fire control radars (3D printed plastic) One Mk 68 Gun Director with AN/SGP-53 radar (resin with photo-etched brass) SH-2F Sea
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