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  1. Thanks Scott - Cutting out and trimming the gun ports has definitely been the toughest part so far!
  2. Hi Scott. Thanks for the comments, I'm still plugging away at the gun port framing... Are you planning on starting the Hermione soon? Keep me posted if you start a build log, would love to follow it. This site is so helpful. James
  3. Wasn’t happy with the blue I had chosen so decided to re-do that part using the colour suggestion from another thread here on MSW.
  4. Done with hull painting. I purposely didn’t add any filler to the hull so individual planks would show through the paint.
  5. Was on the fence about making another build log since my last one was 5 years in the making....anyways here it goes....
  6. Not sure anybody’s watching anymore but there it is, complete. Only took 5 years....
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