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  1. Not sure anybody’s watching anymore but there it is, complete. Only took 5 years....
  2. Starting on the deck now, picked the colour based on photos I've found of the boat in it's current state.
  3. HI hmsgary, will you be making a build log? I'd be interested in watching the progress. I just finished planking and initial hull sanding.
  4. Thanks Bob! A couple wavy planks in there I'm hoping a little sanding will eliminate. I'm not calculating any of the tapering so we'll see what happens as I near the keel.
  5. Using only wood glue and working full time so planking is coming along slowly, pretty much one plank a day. Also trying to choose the green paint that will be used on the hull later..
  6. Started planking. Doing the hull before the deck, not sure if there's any reason not to... I don't have the proper tools so I'm making do with what I have and using the pins that came with the kit to hold the planks to the bulkheads.
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