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  1. It’s actually a bit of an illusion in the photo, I haven’t trimmed down the top plank yet, so once I do the bowsprit should drop down into place. Good eye though, feel free to point out anything else that looks off!
  2. Here’s where I ended up with it. Just used leftover rail that was already profiled and painted. Not exactly what they are supposed to look like, but close enough.
  3. Thanks for the heads up Peter! I'll check the stairs that came in my kit. I'm also running into the issue where the cap rails on the bow don't even come close to fitting. I saw on your build log you had the same problem and had to make them from scratch...guess I will be doing the same.
  4. All the work just to cover most of it up.... I also cut off the top of the frames prior to putting the deck on, seems like a much easier way to do it.
  5. Thanks Scott - Cutting out and trimming the gun ports has definitely been the toughest part so far!
  6. Hi Scott. Thanks for the comments, I'm still plugging away at the gun port framing... Are you planning on starting the Hermione soon? Keep me posted if you start a build log, would love to follow it. This site is so helpful. James
  7. Wasn’t happy with the blue I had chosen so decided to re-do that part using the colour suggestion from another thread here on MSW.
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