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  1. Great work there! And thanks for the pictures of the Tenacity. I've seen some of them but those are really high resolution, thanks!
  2. Looking fantastic Biggles! Not sure if you're aware of this, but I saw that NeOmega Resin makes a really sweet catapult for the 1/48 Hurricane. I have their catapult for an upcoming Walrus build, but this one looks really tempting: https://www.neomega-resin.com/cam-ship-hurricat-catapult-section-997-p.asp
  3. I am, I'm just probably a ways from building them as I want to get my skills up to do them justice. I have the Revell 1/144 kit with Pontos set and the 1/72 kit with the David Parkins upgrade. I was just looking at some build logs of the corvettes earlier this week which is putting a fire under me to want to get some other kits done so I can turn to them!
  4. I'm in for this one Greg. I have some of the similar Japanese subjects in 1/700 scale on the shelf, but always liked the Langley - especially this one as compared to the CV-1 with the full deck. What do you think of the kit? It doesn't look like it builds into too large of a model at this scale?
  5. Fantastic PE work Craig. And glad you were able to find the lost barrel. I've spent hours on the floor looking for parts like that as well. My problem is I often times work on my kitchen island, and the floors in the kitchen are a medium brown oak, so brass doesn't show very well The apron is a great idea. I've also heard some put a white sheet on the ground to make the dropped parts easier to spot (maybe you were the one to suggest the sheet).
  6. Ange, I'm sorry to have missed your log but wow, what a beautiful model! Fantastic job! Love the display case too. Can I ask - did you use dry transfer letters for the name? The lettering looks perfect! I'm trying to figure out what to do on my Charles Morgan but the name is so long that I worry about having the letters oriented the same/right way.
  7. When you add up all the Pontos or Mk.1 add-ons to the Trumpeter kit, you probably come out to around the same cost. I know with the Trumpeter kit some question the shape of the hull, so it will be interesting to hear if Amati will satisfy the hull shape critics. Kit looks great, but personally, I'm unsure about planking the hull that will just get covered up in paint. A little different from other subjects whose hull is painted but (1) the hull is wood, and (2) the scale is much larger than 1/200. That being said, will be looking forward to seeing the write up and build logs on this kit.
  8. You might be able to get away with something like a nail filing machine/micromotor. You can find the nail filing machines fairly inexpensively on places like eBay. There are also the micromotors like jewelers use. They can be very pricey, but are incredible when it comes to weight and control. I picked one up based on a recommendation on here a few years ago, and use it in a variety of applications. The control you can get having a small, lightweight, stylus-type instrument as opposed to a heavy tool like a Dremel is like night and day. I've only used a corded Dremel, but I would think that cordless can get heavy with the added batteries. Probably not the best for longer repetitive sessions. Like most things, it all depends on your intended use and budget.
  9. Will, your work is fantastic! Super impressive that this is your first build, wow! To give the copper a little patina, there are some solutions out there that might work. I think they are typically used for things like getting an antique patina on lamps, but seems like it could work here as well. I picked up a bottle but haven't yet tried it. https://caswellplating.com/metal-finishing-solutions/antiquing-solutions.html
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