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  1. Ha! For some reason she seemed somewhat supportive of the idea - or at least didn't hit me with a frying pan or anything.
  2. Great subject Craig, and nice save. It's amazing how much better the molding is on newer kits compared with the ones from a few decades ago. Too bad for cars like this you generally need to look at the older stuff. I'm jealous! I was driving my mom's old Nissan Sentra in grad school, and with three kids, I was driving a minivan for the last few years (though just bought myself an SUV). I told my wife I'm getting a 60s-early 70s muscle car when I retire. I'll be old and not single, but still worth it!
  3. Great job as always Kevin. That green paint job is stunning. I haven't been as enamored with the Japanese planes because of the green, but after seeing your build it's growing on me.
  4. Nice! Funny you mentioned this - my parents saved some fantasy miniatures I painted 30 years ago as a kid. Recently I found them in a box in my basement and put them out for my kids to take a look at. Surprisingly they held up well all these years.
  5. Wow, that looks amazing! Just saw they have a 1:200 Bismarck upcoming as well 🤩
  6. Coming along nicely OC! Looks like it will be a nice sized model.
  7. Wow man, relax. From everything I've read - and I read a lot when setting things up on my end - having a dust extraction at the tool itself is one of the best things you can do. If the Rabbit works, that's great. Good for you. I wasn't denigrating anyone or anything.
  8. Thanks man! Every time I see your log I'm so tempted to start my Yukikaze, but I'm trying to have only one plastic ship going at a time. Still need to finish my 1/700 Hatsuzakura destroyer which hopefully I can get done by the end of the year. The PE is just so small I need to be of a particular mindset - i.e., masochistic - to work on it
  9. I run my Byrnes tools through a Fein shop vac, with a Dust Deputy cyclone canister to lower the load on the shop vac and save on bags. I also have an overhead Rikon filtration unit that is supposed to pull in dust that doesn't make it into the Fein. If you are going to use a shop vac, be aware that you might need an adaptor if the tool is imperial and the vac is metric or vice versa. Fein being German, I had to use a combo of two different adaptors to connect the Fein to the Brynes tools. I'd be curious if that Rabbit is sufficient for dust collection. My Byrnes tools kick out
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