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  1. Thanks - I was just looking at this the other day and was considering this one. Good to know you like it, thanks!
  2. That’s really beautiful Ron. Feels like you’re right there. Well done!
  3. Yeah, Sherline is another one. Always seem to be coming up with cool new accessories for the mill and lathe!
  4. That swivel feature is really nice. This is what I have, which has served me pretty well over the years. I don't know if I could plane a small piece of wood held in the jaws, but maybe I could.
  5. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you deal the tape edges? I hand brushed Tamiya clear on my current destroyer build along the tape edges to protect stripes and triangles on the funnels, and it worked really well. Just wondering what others do.
  6. Hey Alan, not sure how this escaped me. Just caught up and wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic build. Love the water diorama, nice job!
  7. I noticed after I posted that Lee Valley included instructions under the care tab. Looks like a great little vise!
  8. Just ordered my Christmas presents for this year. Thanks Jack! By the way, how do you like the mini vise? I have a Panavise that I use but was wondering about the mini vice. Does it need to be attached to a bench or table?
  9. Having completed a 1/700 destroyer and now on the home stretch with a 1/350 destroyer, I have to say, in some respects I like the 1/700 scale better in that the models are just a lot more compact. Fewer individual PE pieces at 1/700 because you just have a single piece that you fold multiple times, versus trying to fold and attach multiple PE pieces to each other to build an item. Also, the variety of 1/700 subjects is much greater than on the 1/350 side. That being said, I have a few 1/350 kits in the stash. I also have the Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck with all the goodies from Pontos, etc., and wondering where I'll be able to keep it. But, I would say that if you can build at 1/700 scale, the larger scales aren't going to be much of a problem.
  10. If comparing the Caldercraft and long-promised Amati kits, one thing to remember is the scale difference. Caldercraft is a really big model at 1/72 scale. Amati I believe is going to be even bigger at 1/64.
  11. Looking really great Kevin, stay with it my friend! You’re doing a fantastic job!
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