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  1. That looks fantastic, excellent work as always!
  2. Hey thanks very much! Sorry to have missed that you replied on my log. You should definitely put up a build log as there are a lot of helpful people on here. At some point I do want to get back to this model as I visited the real one a few years ago. Too many modeling interests, too little time unfortunately 😩
  3. Wow, that's stunning! Again, I'm amazed you guys can do planes in card - really cool!
  4. Yeah, it's sort of a hidden feature I suppose. The wing inset pieces are there, but no instructions for them. Doesn't look too difficult to implement, but certainly a little trickier than putting in the drop in wing sections from Wolfpack that I'm using on the Wildcat. I'm glad I did the Wolfpack first as it's given me some experience on how the wing folds operated.
  5. Did you start this one? I can't believe how well these planes model in card with all the compound curves.
  6. With my foray into plastic, I've done four Accurate Miniatures kits - well, I guess technically two were in-house creations (the F3Fs), while the F4F-4 and the P-6E were repots of some older Monogram kits. I was looking up other kits with yellow wings and came across the AM Vindicator - I had read about the plane, but never knew what exactly it looked like. When I found it, I was like, man this is quite the ugly bird, but kinda in an attractive way. Plus, when I saw there was a yellow wings version available, I was in. The knock on the kit is that a number of them had an ugly depression in
  7. Thanks EG for the kind words and your thoughts. Looking at the pictures, I think you're right about going dark over light, especially to bring the line down a bit. Speaking of the line, I didn't mean for that sharp point near the tail, so I smoothed the curve on that one. I need to finish this one as I have my eye on other kits in the stash. Am thinking of doing the Accurate Miniatures SB2U-1 Vindicator kit as a simpler build given that there's not too much aftermarket available for it. I was thinking of doing it as the box cover pre-war neutrality patrol colors - I guess I'm
  8. Looks great - love the interior colors. The flocking came out fantastic.
  9. I used this on 1/700 brass photo etch and it worked really well. Smells terrible, but the paint held on very nicely with great coverage (Vallejo). The Mr. Hobby stuff is a little pricier, but I've really enjoyed working with their primers like Mr. Surfacer and Mr. Finisher.
  10. Yeah, I usually do that but it's likely user error on my part in not fully getting it down. Very frustrating! Just went back over your Spitfire log which was very helpful (and came out beautifully). I didn't fully appreciate the blue tack idea at the time, as I thought you were just trying to avoid cutting out masking tape in the particular shapes for the camo. Now I see it was to also get the feathering effect. Since I already painted both colors, I'm going to try and feather in a transition by hand. I don't know that I want to re-mask. I was originally thinking o
  11. Lou, are they resin with PE to attach? I picked up a 1/350 IJN Ise carrier/battleship on eBay that was loaded with Veteran guns. It's been a while since I looked at them, but I recall them looking very detailed. Will wait for you to blaze the trail on putting these things together 🤨
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