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  1. Hi Hardeeharhar yes I have been giving a lot of thought. This my second model too. I want to build with sweep ports open like yourself. I can’t fathom out why caldercraft pieced the sweep ports on other models but not granado? I am going to pierce the gun port pattern first. My rationale is that it will be easier to mark out and cut in the flat more accurately. I will also be following what route you have taken with the bulkhead panels as my painting skills leave a lot to be desired.
  2. Following your log with interest as I am about to start the Granado myself. I am looking at the sweep ports and thinking that cutting them into the gun port pattern before fitting it might be the best option. Did you consider this?
  3. Thanks guys for the responses looks like I will use poly and paint over with acrylic. 😀
  4. I about at that stage where I about ready to start painting and varnishing. I habuilt a billing dragon and what to finish it with a varnished hull painted below the water line. I don’t intend to sail it so it is a static model only. Any suggestions please.
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