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  1. I have bought the Sail making Seawatch book and finally i have found in France a product called "Papier Japon" on this website : https://www.cmbmodelisme.fr/boutique/fp1883/PAPIER,JAPON,BLANC,19g,m².html which is used usually for light modelplane canvas covering. Mike
  2. Allanyed, Does the Seawatch Book you cite provide informations about tissue-paper choice (brand, weight, color...) ? Mike
  3. Yes, i have discover this process in this post : Cutty Sark by Bruma - Revell - 1:96 tea race clipper 1:96 cutty sark model revell cutty sark Plastic kit By Bruma, August 12, 2020 in - Kit build logs for subjects built from 1851 - 1900 and i think that it is a good idea. Hence my question about the metallic rod diameter. Mike
  4. Concerning the metallic rods which surround the sails, I believe that their role is very important to keep the shape memory. For brass, by example, what is the good rod's diameter to supply the necessary stiffness to the whole sail (0,4 mm) ? Mike
  5. Kondzik, I admire your work, particularly the modelspan sails of your Allege d'Arles. Can you tell me if you have used metal wire (brass ?) on the exterior outline of the sail hided in the hem ? Which diameter have you choosen for these metallic rods ? I thank you for the advices. Mike
  6. In France I can find modelspan 12g/m2 or 21 g/m2. Mike
  7. Thank you. Do you know which is the good modelspan weight/length level for sails making because often modelspan is sold in two weights : light and normal ? Mike
  8. I am French and i have difficulties to translate the word Silkspan. On French model airplane website i have found one products which could be equivalent. It is called "Pongée de Soie" in French. The description mentions that this product "waves in the wind". https://www.123crea.eu/fr/ponge/240-soie-ponge.html This product is available in different weights/length unit (g/m). Do you think that this product is the same that the one you call Silkspan ? Which weight is better for modelship sails ? I thank you for the advices
  9. Roger, How is fixed the upper side of your display ? Mike
  10. I should want to know how to fix display glass wall in grooved wood rods. I thank you for the advices. Mike
  11. In fact, using a thinner thread fix the problem of knots tightening. Thank you Mike
  12. I am working 1/50 scale and my ratline thread is 0,40 mm. Maybe is it too thick (20 mm in real world) Mike
  13. This is what I get. It is not very satisfied ... What is wrong ? Mike
  14. Amateur, Which knot did you use on first/last shroud ? Mike
  15. Is it necessary to use wax rope ? Mike
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