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  1. Nice to see that you are following my build! i am already working on the planking and now that i see that people are following my build, i will post pictures next time im building again. Im already done with the deck and i already got all the nails in the planks. The guns are selfmade, if you want the design, i could post on sites like thingiverse. however i think they are a little smaller then the guns/carronades that are with the kit. so next time i will print them a little bigger. I am planning on adding some gunports and making stern guns, i already got a plan for that.
  2. Hello guys! I recently started with my first build and I already have some pictures to show. I am planning to paint the ship with the accurate color based on a image ive found (inside hullplanking is red, end black and white stripe for outside). Also I want to make custom gunports and make guns for the stern. Here are my first pics. I hope you guys will enjoy it. First the frames and blocks, I made sure the frames where parallel to the keel so I used clamps to bend them. In between the dry time I printed some 6 pounder cannons ive made in Fusion 360 (3d modeling cad software). Mind that this guns are 25mm. I then glued the deck layer on it. After that was done and the glue was dry, I sanded the model thorough. I decided to do separate planks on the deck and use strips of 100mm and strips of 50mm to simulate real planking, I used the plans for this. I think it got a really good look! What do you guys use to make the deck more dark and used? I heard tung oil?
  3. Hey! I am building one myself now, and i have a few questions about the guns and deck. What finish did you use for the deck? it looks realistic and used! also the guns, how did you finish the kit guns? you made them black? is that a chemical or paint? Would love to hear!
  4. Hey guys! I am Atze and i am new to this hobby. I already got some experience with wood and modeling. I am looking for a nice ship and already have a list, but i cant decide. Do you guys have recommendations? My price range is 100-200 but if it is better to pay more then its okay. If you can help me with which brand or model is good, and maybe a small list. It would really help! Here is a list of small ships i like, and what i have on mind. Constructo: Enterprise Mamoli: Hms Swift Model shipways Syren PS. Also im looking for a somewhat same ship like the HMS Sophie from Jack Aubrey.
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