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  1. Hey Richard - thanks for the support. This things has had it's moments so far 🤔
  2. Well I was always somewhat dissappointed with the solution offered by Tippecanoe for the hatch cover. I have been using tape for years. I'm a little nervous about launching the boat into the lake. They threw away all the old junk kayaks I used to use to rescue a boat. Now I would have to throw on a lifejacket and swim out for a rescue/retrieval. 😬 Yours looks real nice.
  3. Scott, Bob - As I have mentioned on every multiple layer build I have done - I HATE IT!!! 😬 Just do it right the first time! I have always wondered about reducing layers designed into a kit. While I have never tried it, I have had knowledgeable sources remind me that a lot of the placement of other parts down the road, on say a 3 layer planking, is dependent on those measurements. If I went from 3 layers to 2 (or 1) caprails would be too wide. Who knows what else. This one even gets more bizarre because you can't glue the upper 2/3's of the planks to the frames because the frames are going to be torn out. It leaves IMO a very sloppy first planking because try as you might, you will not get a snug fit of the unglued planks around the frames. As I finish the last few planks of the first layer I have a very ugly fit around the frames. I can only hope with that the 2nd layer (which is limewood instead of walnut) things will start to firm up somewhat. And if you think about it, the limewood layer is not even going to show up anywhere. I believe because of the small actual size of the boat and the relatively big scale, they had to add more beef to the planking to make it look right. Trying to cut back to 2 layers would have meant 2 layers of extremely thick walnut sticks. They were hard enough to work with as they are right now. Ehh - just a challenge I wasn't expecting 😒
  4. You might want to lose fit your masts with the dead-eye shrouds included. I remember it was an extremely close fit between the shrouds running up and the stanchions. Make sure they are not going to run into each other.
  5. The material for hammocks (if you're going to show them) should be a course linen. Something that would look like canvas. Dyed a dingy tan. I would have to go back and see what I used. Are you planning on displaying them all in the open or draping some sort of covering over them? If displaying them, you will need upwards of 150 of the little buggers. FYI - If I recall, a regulation hammock was 7' long. They were typically rolled longways, lashed and folded in half when hung out on the stanchions. So whatever you do they should be 3 1/2' scaled down to 1:64. If you go that route check my log as I documented rolling and lashing them. That task was almost as rough as rigging 20 guns with all the tackles.
  6. Holy crap Elijah - pardon the French but you have amazed me in so may ways. I remember when you first signed in - working with your build and what seemed like some school on the side. Now graduating (congratulations), getting a job and still finding some time for "leisure work" . You are truly an amazing young man! And the build just keeps getting better and better. You are a model for kids your age to aspire to be.
  7. John - this is how Chuck says to do them https://modelshipworld.com/topic/11840-us-brig-niagara-by-mikiek-finished-model-shipways-scale-164-first-wooden-ship-build/page/5/ post #144
  8. Well it took most of the evening but the lower plank band above the garboard is complete. Everything just kinda fell into place. The deadwood is covering up and it doesn't look like I am going to need a single stealer for the entire layer. I should have 2 sticks left over for use on interior parts. This time I gave myself a little extra width when measuring the strakes so I could still get after the beveling. Looks like that worked well also as the last strake on each side landed right at the band mark. I guess this will go faster when I do the 2nd and 3rd layers as there will be a base to glue to. Man I hate these multi layer plank jobs 😖 After finishing I went back with some detail files and opened up the rabbets a little. I filed down the edges of the planks in the rabbets to provide a little more room. Widened the rabbets and filed down the wood in them to make a little more room. I still don't think it will hold 2 more plank layers. G'nite.
  9. Richard - I am really glad to see your Lancia build log. I'm not sure how I missed it when I was searching. I know it will come in handy when I get further along. You taught me one thing already. I had never heard of a flexible rule, but I can see where it would be useful. I ordered one from Amazon. I'm glad your on board!
  10. Hello Richard - It's nice to see someone around. I used to do these logs so maybe I could help others with problems I run into. These days I do them so that I can remember what I did 6 months ago. What do you think of Pegasus? I have that one on the shelf. I almost broke it out, but decided on something smaller for this build.
  11. Still working on the bottom band. One more stick on each side. I forgot how difficult this one can be, as the sticks really need a LOT of shaping at the end that fits into the stem. Interestingly, I may not need any stealers to complete this band. I always seem to have luck planning out the bands. There's always a potentially troublesome spot if your strake has to lay halfway on deadwood and halfway on a frame. Amazingly, the strakes are falling where the edge meets the bottom edge of the frame. This gives a nice tight fit. From what I can see I may not need any stealers at all. Go figure 😏 Thinking ahead, if the bands are marked A,B,C,D with A being the uppermost (completed) and D being the band above the garboard (in progress), I'll probably do B next. I have found in previous builds it can be helpful to recalculate the bands when there's 2 left. I have sometimes just combined the 2 into 1. We'll see. Will have pix when I finish band D. Hopefully tomorrow. As I stated early on, this kit does not seem to draw a lot of interest. Maybe because there are several similar builds. Anyways, I feel like I have been talking to myself up to this point. And I guess I have been 🙃
  12. Absolutely gorgeous! This is a scratch build in your face like not many others. You did a great job on your build log. I happened to build a kit gundeck cutaway so I have a weakness for these. The triple deck just adds to the whole thing. It's really fun building at that scale. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your completion.
  13. First band of strakes in place. They didn't come out too bad. I was a little short of some the band marks but I'm writing this off to the aggressive bevel I was sanding in each edge. I got the stick sized properly but then sanded the bevel which reduced the width a bit. I do like doing the beveling - plank edges fit together real snug that way. Next I think I will do the bottom band. I know this is going to require some stealers to cover the deadwood. I've been saving every scrap of stick that I cut, hoping it will be enough for this purpose. Here's a few pix - nothing too exciting. One thing the kit has that I hadn't seen before. It's a brace piece that sets down on the frames from the top. It seems to help keep the frames square. It will be removed at the same time I break off the frames.
  14. This slow going. I can really only add one strake at a time and then wait an hour or so for the glue to dry. Painful. On the bright side the sticks are going on nicely, the dividers are doing their thing and it is going together OK. I'll post some pix when the first band is finished. I did realize that with the band directly above the garboard and part of the next one I will be able to glue to all the frames. That part of the frame will remain in place when I break off the upper part. At least that's what they say. So as usual, starting from the top down, I am doing to hardest part first 😒 I'm still concerned about the inventory of sticks. There are just enough for the first layer and I see that there are a lot interior parts that are covered by a strip veneer. However, for some very odd reason I have 2 of these kits, so I suppose I can scavange from the other one. Or find some other nice looking wood to replace the walnut.
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