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  1. Rowboat - let me know which drawing you are referring to and I can help you decipher it. Sometimes when the drawing is shown from the side there may actually be 2 blocks (side by side) and they only show one. For instance on the rigging page on the big drawing, the head of the lower & middle jib sails each have a block attached to them. However the rope that goes thru each block looks like they both go back to a single block. In fact, there are 2 blocks, one for each sail. The 2 mini drawings that show the jibs kinda show this. One drawing shows the bottom jib and its tackle. The othe
  2. A good start Rowboat. And as for the stanchions and netting - definitely wait. It will really be in the way otherwise. The frapping you did for the guns is called seizing (pronounced sizing) when you do it for things like blocks, lines, deadeyes, etc. As a suggestion for your next build, you might consider a smaller dimension rope for a lot of the seizing. I actually use flyline. It's a scale thing. When you consider that the seizing was done by hand often using rope carried in a belt pouch, it would be a lot smaller than the rope being seized. I did a tutorial on an easy way to seize, I'll tr
  3. This post has been helpful in regards to the pins. I am going to try a different plan. Up to now I have been threading a line thru a hole in the pinrail and then jamming a pin in the hole to hold the rope. I was going to eventually glue the pin in place. That makes it almost impossible to tighten lines in the future if needed. Instead I will try a couple of under and over wraps around the pin, like would be done in real life. Then I'll put a little white glue on the rope to fix it. I can leave almost an extra inch hanging and that should be covered by the coil and the extra will gi
  4. OK - I tried a couple of pins. I will say thank goodness for alligator forceps. They make reaching across a rigged deck a lot easier. They also help with the over/under wrap. Worst part of it all is holding the line tight until the white glue dries. It will be a slow process.
  5. Rich - I think I will probably give what you describe a go. As far as looking better I see your point, but I wonder if this is one of those things that no one notices but the modeller.
  6. Thanks for that Rich. I'm also concerned that reworking with a under/over wrap will end up with me doing more harm than good. Can you get away with just one under and one over? Do you have to hold the line in place while the glue dries?
  7. Well the plan at least to this point was feeding a line thru a hole in the pinrail then jamming the pin in the hole after that. And then of course adding a coil. I guess if I actually did wrap the rope around the pin with a under and over then glue the rope it might not be too hard to get a rope loose later on. And it probably wouldn't matter then if the pin was glued or not. Unfortunately, at this point that is a lot of rework. I will reassess.
  8. Looking good Rowboat. I like the 2 tone hull. It adds a lot of interest. Different plans have different ways of depicting parts. As you have noticed eyebolts are rectangles here whereas on other plans they may be circles. Good plan in getting to know your lines and know what they do. The running rigging will be interesting because in most cases they should actually work - like hoisting a sail or adjusting a yard.
  9. Hello Rowboat - I apologize for leaving you hanging for so long. I am just now getting back to E and trying to finish up. Maybe you are past this stage now, but as to your question - forestays do not have blocks, the backstays do use a tackle that attaches to the deck with an eyebolt. Of course your shrouds will be rigged to the deadeyes and you will need to add ratlines to those. NOTE: the plans do not show ratlines on the shrouds running from the main top up to the top and top gallant masts. You may want to add those. Your running rigging will almost always have at le
  10. I am finishing up Enterprise. All the rigging is in but I have not glued pins in yet as I want to go back and tighten some of the lines. Then I need to add rope coils on the pins. That got me to thinking which is always a dangerous thing. My only completed square rigged model has more than a few droopy lines after 2 years on display. Those pins are glued so there is no way to tighten the lines now without major surgery. This is making me think about NOT gluing the pins on E. This would allow adjustments down the road but the catch seems to be I would have to leave enough rope coming out the un
  11. Auger - your sails appear to be like mine. Someone else commented here that the sails from their kit did not look like mine. Since you are in France I assume you bought your kit over there? I bought mine from Cornwall Models in the U.K. Do you happen to remember if there was a sail upgrade option when you bought your kit? I sort of remember that but I can't say for sure. Otherwise we have been wondering why the sails in kits from the same manufacturer would be different. Only other reason I can come up with is maybe a US version and a E.U. version of the kit?
  12. The saga continues. Went back for round 2 and ended up breaking a pinrail off the bulwark. That meant unpinning all the ropes to glue it back. Luckily it was just a 5 hole rail. The only good thing was 2 of the pins were glued in, so I had to rip them out. But that means when I re-pin, those ropes are now adjustable. A small win. Down side is 2 of the ropes were already trimmed leaving no chance of restringing them - not enough rope to go thru the hole and pull thru from the underside of the rail. I wasn't about to re-rig a new rope so I tied a few inches of extra rope to the end. That works b
  13. Wow man - I got up some gumption this afternoon and headed to the shop to start adjusting sails. This is really going to take some time. I loosened up a rope so I could bring one side of a yard down to level it and that loosened two rigs on the other side. Tightened those up which loosened the brace. Probably took 30 minutes to get the yard level and now the sail hanging on it has a foot thats too loose. 😣 I'm finding alligator clips to be extremely helpful here. I clip one on the rope I am working with so it's easy find in all the others. Like I said, this is going to take a while
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