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  1. Had a long pause recently due to working on my daughter's car. It failed the 2-yearly "EU- control" check, and needed some serious attention. 

    Done some re-painting of the wheelhouse and cabin-top sides due to very poor topcoat finish. Sanded down with wet&dry ready for a new topcoat AND a new paint. Carsten's recommended (?) Bengalack! in gloss white. Hope this will flow out better and give a smoother finish than the previous 'full-size yacht paint'.

    Tried glazing and framing the wheelhouse sliding door. Not great, but it will have to do. My eyesight is not quite up to the required standard for a really fine detail work. Framing the windows in 2.5mm strip is a bit ambitious and I had to drop the plan of inside curves around the corners!





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