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  1. Received info' from the Maritime Museum about the Colin Archer RS14 'Stavanger'. Also a reference to the book by Bjørn Foss about the rescue ships -'redningsskøyter'- .


    RS14 was the 2nd of the 'Svolvær' type vessels. RS 12 "Svolvær" was the 1st of these. The Svolvær types were 35 cm longer than the Colin Archer type (RS1, RS 6, RS8 and others) and were 5cm narrower and 5cm less draft. The masts and sailplan were not changed from the original RS1. There was also a lager (heavier ?) keel.  The bow shape  above the waterline seems to have a bit more rake -looking slightly more 'streamlined'. Ref; a drawing in the Bjørn Foss book.

    In my mind there should be no real problem to use the Billing Boats RS1 kit to produce a model of the newer (from 1897!)  Svolvær types vessels.  

    It will be interesting (for me anyway) to hear from Andreas Sundt later when he has visited the RS14 at the museum in east Norway.  




    1. Sundt


      Nice info. will post som photos on your page here 🙂 then possible (  then photo taken 😉  )


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