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  1. Just for my amusement I added navigation and cabin lights during  the weekend. Working lights were not part of the original plan and because of this, I could not find a decent way to route the wires for a white stern light.  Of course I could probably have found a way, but as this yacht will certainly only be used in daylight there was not much point in overdoing it! The upper lights -inside the wheelhouse- need to be subdued by painting the bulbs red although some of them (at deck level) have been routed through red plastic milk-skake straws!  There is also some light 'leaking' through the epoxy joins so that will also need attention.




    1. Sundt


      Nice, light will always make the final touch. well done. 

    2. Geam


      Thanks Andreas, I was impressed too when I switched them on!

      I have now (last night) painted bright red acrylic paint on the white bulbs in the wheelhouse to reduce the brightness and make a sort of 'night-light' effect. 

      I think I will plan for working navigation lights on the Colin Archer. It will be easier to fit if I plan for it early in the build. I will at least put in wiring for a stern light this time!  Also under deck to the shrouds for P&S lights.  Maybe I will be allowed to have the boat on show in the sitting room with lights 'on' during the winter evenings! I seem to remember you wrote about installing lights in your Colin??  Any tips for choice of lighting Andreas / Carsten ?   


      On the Fisher I did not originally plan for having working lights. so I have used lights for Christmas decoration! Small 'grain of wheat' LED bulbs -about 10 small bulbs- on 1 meter of wire!! I just just threaded them through to the nav-lights in the wheelhouse roof and then down to the floor level. Not very professional 🥴 but very cheap!  Works on 3 AA batteries in a battery box. I am not sure if these will affect the operation of the R/C equipment but they will not be switched 'on' when sailing the Fisher. I will buy dedicated model boat lights for the Colin Archer I think -but don¨t know what to buy yet. I think Krick Ro-Marine make good light sets.


    3. Sundt


      I will install lights, Will visit RS.no1 hopefully in January. take som pictures, Due to Covid19 i have been at work a lot. and preparing my hobby space for aircraft and boat building at same time. Glue some Balsa wood, and boat 🙂 

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