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  1. Hi -just for info'.....

    I've been studying photos of static Fishers recently and although my model floats slightly nose down I think that an additional problem is that the waterline mark has been painted too high at the stern. Quite far into the  build I was convinced that the yacht would be too heavy and it looks like I have tried to compensate for this visually by painting on the waterline mark too high. I remember also that I was expecting the model  to be stern-low!  I was compensating for a problem which wasn't there! This reminds me of the saying, "If it's not broken, don't fix it!"


    The new, aft-raked keel will be fitted today and ready for a L-CoG test tomorrow, Sunday. The forecast is for sunshine,+4*C and almost no wind.  Later, I may have to consider if I can scrape off some dark blue paint from amidships to the stern and then when the weather and temp. allows, I will paint over with white. Hope I can do a decent job of it. The white is sprayed on acrylic with clear acrylic gloss on top. BUT, before I 'fix' the waterline mark, I'll wait to see if it's really necessary! 


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