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  1. This was the first kit I purchased a couple of months ago, on advice from Occre because it's recommended for beginners. Unfortunately I hit a snag because the deck board was cut wrong - the grain went longways instead of side to side. (necessary so it bends into place on the keel properly) So I'm waiting for them to send a replacement piece but it sounds like a lot of their people are on vacation so shipping times are drastically increased. I might drop them an email next week to see if they actually shipped it yet or not. Looking forward to your progress - I hope to co
  2. Always great to hear from one of my Australian cousins!
  3. Unfortunately, no - all I have is a ruler. Thanks for the advice - I'll give it a shot. After my experience trying to do the Carmen II I am NOT looking forwarding to the side planks. But if I can get them looking decent, once I'm past that part I think the rest should be relatively easy. I'll report back probably tomorrow with regard to the bulwarks and maybe try to get some of the planking in place. One question: how long do you soak the wood for? I've seen people suggest anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes.
  4. Although I had started a couple of other kits, they had to put aside because reasons. So I'm concentrating on this kit and I'm going to try to see it through to the end. I like Occre products a lot. The full color photos and quality of parts is excellent. I could probably go a little further with this tonight but I'm hoping to get some feedback on my progress so far, in case anything needs to be fixed/adjusted before I do anything else. Instructions can be viewed here: Palamos instructions Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Other than that minor mistake I like their company and their products very much. Depending on how this Palamos goes, I just might switch over to the Carmen if I feel overwhelmed, since the most tedious part is done.
  6. Thanks - that's what I'm going to do. Since I've made the most progress on the Palamos I'm going to stick with that one.
  7. I've been building plastic models on and off for many years, but in the last couple of months as I've been following Youtube channels of other model makers, I started watching wooden ship videos. I live in NJ and own a small computer store here. Gamer. Chef. Pro wrestling. Music. Movies. Eclectic tastes. (apologies if this is a little long, but I wanted to explain where I'm at with my present projects) Although I never thought much about them in the past, it seems like something interesting and challenging to try. I especially like Occre's prod
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