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  1. Hi Greg, I got that site thanks, I have been using it all the way through the building of Missouri. Chris
  2. Hi Greg, what instructions did you look at? I have been using Pontos web site where I can enlarge items but I found on page 2 it is very hard to identify which way stanchions are mounted. Could you tell me what instructions you looked at. Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Lou, Thanks for your comment much appreciated. I am a retired Marine engineer and I went on Missouri in Hawaii and just being on that ship did something to me, I cant explain it but I wanted to get down below but it was all closed off to public. Anyway regarding stanchions, I might do a test either way and see what looks the best. Thanks Chris
  4. I took a couple of picks of hand rails and stanchions for Missouri. Not sure about fitting stanchions to hand rails. Chris
  5. Hi guy's I have been away for 5 days, very busy. I have attached a few picks of Missouri I am building, she is 1.4 mtr long. I will take a few picks of the hand rails and stanchions I was asking about and post them. Chris.
  6. Hi All, I am new top this forum so I'm trying to get the hang of it. I am at the final stages of competing Missouri battle ship. A big job and very fiddly in places and I am at the stage of fitting hand rails to the main deck. I have the pontos photo etch kit and it supplies stanchions for hand rails. I have been using Pontos web site a lot and it has been very helpful but with the stanchions I cant make out if the stanchion is folded and hand rail fits inside the folded stanchion or if stanchion is just folded and glued and hand rail glued on the side of stanchion. Has a
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