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  1. First planking complete. I must sandpaper, but I hope this is a good first planking.
  2. Meantime I've completed (excluding hatches) deck planking and caulking. For my Bounty I though a "worn out" finish, post-mutiny period. So I've putty planking whith black milliput. Milliput is very hard to apply, but I like the result.
  3. For example: Here seems almost correct: Here not (must sandpaper a Little bit):
  4. Thank you. Actually I have to sandpaper a lot because there is a "belly" too big in the center of filler blocks. Using a 0,5mm strip I'm trying to understand the correct curve of hull.🤞
  5. I'm trying to make bow filling block, but I don't know if I'm right. Any advise? Thanks
  6. Thank you Dave! Many times I watch your videos on youtube! Your bounty is amazing and you channel is an inspiration. I try to learn somethings from videos and forum, but for me is very fun to think so much about problems and founding solutions myself. For example I have discarted filling block on stern. Probably I was wrong, but I want to see what happen.
  7. Amati kit has several mistake. Istruction tell me to glue a 4x4 millimeters (sorry I'm european😂) plank for keel, but other keel components and falsekeel are 5x5 🤔 I check all the joints and I hope to glue without mistakes. AOTS hms bounty helps me with some details (I can t reach perfection, but I will improve a little my model) See you soon
  8. Waiting for start, I've cutted a piece of wood of bounty deck shape to bending planks. Amati have a similar tool in stock. It should work
  9. I ve painted flags whit tissue acrilic color on both side with small brush and mask tape.
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