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  1. A flag: It still needs some trimming and isn’t as good as a lot of them, but not bad for my first scratch made cloth flag. That used be a t-shirt once upon a time, lol.
  2. The next steps are making a flag, the Appeal To Heaven Flag, making crew members and rope coils. Then on to touch ups! During a work trip, last year, I carved 3 figures. These are the first figures that I have ever carved. I have one more blank for a climbing figure. So I will use that and then try my hand at sculpting. I have a couple packets of modeling clay and I really want to learn to sculpt.
  3. The fore topsail is rigged, but the tension on the rigging needs some adjustment because the yards are slightly whopper jawed. The main sail is on and in the process of being rigged. All that will be left after this are the flag, the crew and a bunch of rope coils. Then, I really need to finish Victory. I see a lot of those sitting in the background of people’s work benches.
  4. I received the Victory Models Plan Set for the HMS Revenge: This will be a fun build in the future. The only question is, will it be wood or card? I’ve been having much fun with the card models. I’m in the finishing stages of my second card ship now. While they do have certain minor drawbacks, they are quite a lot of fun.
  5. I just received my Victory Models plans of HMS Revenge, drawn by Chris Watton, from Cornwall Model Boats. They are awesome! I have never seen a set of plans more complete. I will be building the Revenge after I finish Victory (I know better than to start another major project before finishing the Victory).
  6. The fore sail is now fully rigged and all damage has been repaired from earlier attempts to secure the starboard sheet:
  7. I have made some allowances for belaying (I am sure I will find more to add before this is done, lol): I forgot about the sheets. So I am working on adding them to the first 3 sails. @Dr PR made an excellent guide to rigging topsail schooners on this website. It has been extremely helpful. Thank you very much, Dr PR, for writing it. It can be found here: I have also attached the main sail to its boom and gaff. However, I believe that I will add the fore topsail first, because the braces tie off on the main mast and the main sail boom will interfere. Also Zu Monfeld recommends that one rigs from bottom to top, fore to aft. So it makes sense to add the fore topsail first.
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