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  1. Hi, I'm considering purchasing The Frigates of the Royal Navy Series THE NAIAD FRIGATE (38) 1797 Volume 1 and 2. It looks like a great book but would like to know first how much detail is contained within the two. How does it compare to the Anatomy of the Ship, the 24 Gun Frigate Pandora for example? I am considering starting a 3D built of the Naiad with the eventual aim to built one using CNC and 3D printing myself. Is the detail sufficient for that including the interior decks? thank you for the help,
  2. Hi, PPDRY I've sent you a PM. I've recently been working on my own CAD HMS Pandora. I have some difficulty with modelling the inner surface of the hull. It would be awesome if you could explain a bit what your method was in arriving at both the inner surface of the frames and the hull. Still blown away by your work
  3. Brilliant work, I have been playing around with the idea of doing a similar project with the same plans. I am hoping to construct a 3D model while also actually building the model for real. I was wondering which drawing from the book you refered to in order to obtain the inner surface for the frames? Is this done from the cross sections in the book of the different frames? Or is their an easier way? Thank you so much for the help, and the inspirational work. best regards, Experiment
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