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  1. Managed to get a bit more done last night. I break off for Christmas tomorrow until the 2nd of January. So hopefully a lot will get done over the next two weeks.
  2. Like the alarm idea Jack. Balsa blocks are on their way from Cornwall Model Boats. As soon as they arrive I will be back on the build. Wednesday will be a no goer though, I will be trying to get a stream to watch Arsenal v Hull City.
  3. Well, after posting these last night we were woken up by the house alarm at 3:30 this morning. My garage and hobby room have PIR sensors connected to the house alarm. They broke into my shed, found nothing and moved onto the garage. Thank heavens for the alarm. It went off as soon as they stepped foot inside. If they had got into my room I don't know what damage they would have done. However, the alarm worked, and the build lives on!!!
  4. Finally got another 3 hours at it tonight. Firstly I noticed the one of the gun port patterns at the stern had flared out with a large "blob" of glue under it. I scraped this away and re-glued. Got the first 2 planking strips glued into position on both sides tonight. That's it so far, but hope to keep at it a bit more regularly now.
  5. Craig It would be good if you did get your log started. There are a few on the same build, and it could be of great help.
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I think I will do the same as you Alistair with regard to the pedestals.
  7. Both sides went really well actually. Although I couldn't get them to sit flush with the tops of all the bulkhead extensions. I don't think that this should be an issue though, as they are removed down to deck level anyway. I didn't manage to get any more done last night, and I am busy tonight and tomorrow night. The England game is on Friday. So it's looking like it could be the weekend before I get a chance to start the first planking. I also need to drill the holes for the mounting pedestals.
  8. Build Board MK II. Front sliding clamp bar is wider with the screws away from the hull. I have also added a removable aluminium front bar. This has 3 bolts in it to jack the strip onto the keel to get a firm hold. The front strip is then clamped down, and the aluminium bar removed to give working access. Last night I fitted the second gunport pattern. Hopefully I'll be starting the first planking tonight.
  9. So you drill the middle of the groove in the pedestal to accept a brass rod coming down from the keel?
  10. The black paint is ordered from Cornwall Model Boats, and I will be drilling for a stand. Does anybody have a photograph of the type of Brass Pedestal stand you are talking about?
  11. Sorted. Base board will be remade with the slots further away from the keel. Sliding clamp bar remade wider with screws now being away from the keel. Cleats against the side with the studs. These cleats and studs can be removed when all nipped up.
  12. Very surprised....The material can be tapped, but if we ever want a thread in it we fit metal threaded inserts. If you tap straight into it the thread tends to strip.
  13. I haven't really though as far ahead as that. The build board would require a slight modification to the design if I built another one. It is difficult to slide the clamping strip tightly up to the keel in the middle of the length. The width of the bulkheads hinders. Not a problem before the bulkheads are in position, but a bit of a pain if you want to take it in and out after they are fitted. Mark 2 is being designed in my head right now. I'm thinking of maybe some jacking studs through 6 mm tapped aluminium plates attached to the edge. 4 plates along the edge should suffice. Slacken off the countersunk screws, jack against the keel with the studs, and then lock up the countersinks. Might be something I do next week. If so I will post an updated photograph. Actually I have just realised that once planked I can't get to the screws anyway. Jacking studs with the screws slightly loose looks they way to go.
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