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  1. Hello All, Some progress on the Mogami - Painted the hull, applied the foredeck plating since it was now painted and had a wicked mishap with the glue dissolving a small spot! I managed to cover the surrounding errors for a passable light sand and quick paint touch up. Not perfect but it'll do. I was much more careful with the 2nd brown deck level application. I've got a couple small seams that I'm going to try and go back and fix/touch up. Installed the torpedo launchers - the spare torpedoes were also a glue-able part but I didn't bother painting, you'll neve
  2. Hello, Things are starting to get a bit fiddly with these companionway hatches and flight deck supports. I started using my daughter’s desk chair so that I don’t have to lean over to get in close to the work. This is my first go with PE at this level but definitely is worth the effort. Trying to figure out where some of the PE goes is a bit of a puzzle sometimes as FlyHawk doesn’t explicitly place every part. Requires time to go over the directions, diagrams and parts a couple of times to assess what gets replaced by the PE. The decks require a fair amount of stripping to prepare
  3. One fun element to plastic ship modeling is you can have a hull together is pretty much one sitting, that's motivating. I really enjoyed how this model has gone together with metal fittings and screws. Worst part of it being this little lip at the bow. It's a little unnerving scraping off all this detail for the brass etch replacements, less sad for the overscale diamond plate on the aft deck. I drilled out the portholes. I'm going to start working on the propeller assembly and filling in the seams of the hull to paint. Any ideas on cleaning up the plastic "fuzzies" in the portholes
  4. Greetings, As far as I can tell, I’m the only IJN Mogami build log on here. I decided to take this project on as I wrap up other projects which is very different from the stick and string models I usually like to build. I found this subject interesting because of the hybrid characteristics as an aircraft cruiser which she was converted into in 1944. Commissioned in 1935 and named after a river in Japan and was the lead ship of four of her self-named class of heavy cruisers. Served in numerous battles in World War II until she was sunk at the Battle of the Surigao Straight in Oc
  5. Hey. I was reading that the Mogami is next on your list, mine as well. What are you using as reference material? Thanks. Joshua.
  6. I had 42 inches to serve so, i rigged up something to hook it up to my drill. Here is the result. Drill powered Serv-o-Matic Youtube Video Joshua
  7. This was my first wood model and also used Hopeful's as inspiration. She makes a beautiful little model and gets alot of complements! Keep it up! Joshua
  8. AF, come down to Penns Landing at the Independence Seaport Museum on Saturday starting at 10A. The Philadelphia Ship Model Society is hosting a ModelCon. There will be ALOT of model ships, plus maybe you'll be interested to meet others who build ship models. Joshua
  9. Blue Jacket is about or has already released their new cross section of the Charles Morgan and I know they're working on the USS Oregon.
  10. Marc, That website appears to be down now, any chance you'd be willing to make a copy and send them to me? Joshua
  11. Joshua, thx for getting the books into the mail.

    BTW, the April boat show is well worth the ticket price, as it includes a continental breakfast, a superior buffet, access to the table top demos and more.    Check it out at our website - ctshipmodelers.org.         Duff 

    1. Azzoun


      I'm going, been there the last two years.  

  12. Ed Tosti's Young America Extreme Clipper Ship Model Practicum. Vol 1 & 2 Provides all the plans, drawings and PDF files to scratch build this impressive model. Includes 9 Sets of Plan Drawings, 2 Cd's Condition is unused, well kept. Decided that I'm going to stick to kit building. You can file the sale on Ebay http://ebay.us/K2B7AL?cmpnId=5338273189 I'd be willing to potentially negotiate the price here.
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