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  1. I'm hoping someone can assist, I've looked in several books and similar models of the Royal Caroline and I'm a bit lost now. The below resources is the Anatomy of a Ship for the Royal Caroline. Per the review of the deck, none of the lines indicated on the fighting tops belay at the deck level. How would these lines belay at these locations on the fighting top? For context, the some descriptions of the lines shown belayed at the fighting tops are topgallant cluelines (X36's), topgallant parrels (X33's), course leechlines (X18's), topgallant halyards (X31's), and Topgallant Lifts (X32's). Any diagrams or thoughts you may have would be very helpful in understanding how these lines terminate here. Thanks in advance! Joshua
  2. Looks great, what would you say was your best resource in learning how to mask and weather a ship for painting? I really want to get into weathered hulls. Most of my building has been wood ship models. Thanks In advance Joshua
  3. I've really been happy with purchases with BNAModelWorld.com. MK1 Design - 1/200 IJN Battleship Mikasa Value Pack Detail Set with Wooden Deck (bnamodelworld.com) Joshua
  4. Nehemiah, Welcome to MSW. Might I offer that you consider visiting and potentially joining the Philadelphia Ship Model Society. Currently we are meeting virtually via zoom. We'd enjoy the opportunity to connect with you, offer assistance if you have any questions, and having you show off your accomplishments. We're also hosting a ModelCon at the Battleship NJ on 8/7 and we are welcoming models complete or in process. Details are at philadelphiashipmodelsociety.com. Best of luck on your builds! Joshua
  5. 1 - Revell Constitution that passed away from my ex-wife waving a towel at the smoke detector. 1/2 way through the model, I discovered wood model kits and loved the idea of working with material similar to the real thing. Forced my way to finishing the constitution, been building wood ever since. However, I do have a few steel hull kits, working on the 1/350 Mogami.
  6. Rob, I have an intact Corel SM23 Victory Kit that would build into a 40" Model, decent size. I also live in the Philadelphia area. I'd sell to you for $250, about half of what its worth, it'd save me on the EBAY and shipping fees. Joshua
  7. Inspirational work - you could write a book on model building. I'd buy it!
  8. Vince, I just found this log because I recently acquired a stash of kits that contained this kit, def. a diamond among the rough and it's intact! She's an impressive build! Keep up the good work! I've got too many started to kick in it with you as much as I'd love to! I was just checking out the figurehead, such amazing detail! Joshua
  9. Yeah, i have some advice. Don't forget to have fun and don't be afraid to screw it up - all models get screwed up in one way or the other. Just accept and enjoy!
  10. Made good progress on the Mogami over the weekend. I'm almost confident enough to make another attempt at the AA guns. I've discovered that wax pencils for doing rhinestone work is amazing at picking up small details to glue on. The flight deck has been affixed with some persuasion, the PE had interfered with the kit designed assembly so some modifications which are livable. The PE details completely replace this lower bridge which was interesting to build but had some pleasing results. There were PE options for the aft AA gun stations on both sides of the flight deck but.... well, they didn't work out. Here's a couple overall status photos of parts that have been prepped and dry fitted to show progress.
  11. I just hit it with a grill lighter for a half of a minute, worked great, metal is much easier to bend after that and it takes away its memory!
  12. Almost a year since I last touched this model, been busy on another project. Had fun building these hatches tonight. Remembered to anneal the metal this time, what a difference!
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